Vertica, You Suck

Vertica Resident ServicesI apologize in advance, this is a Rant.

I hate my Landlord.. or Property Manager, whatever the hell it’s called. I know my Mother taught me never to say ‘hate’, because it’s too strong a word, but to instead use ‘dislike intensely.’ Unfortunately, Mom, hate is the only word that really describes my feelings towards Vertica Resident Services.

While I love my actual apartment, the building itself is deteriorating around us – yet is marketed as a luxury rental. HA! Luxury, my ass. With elevators broken down more often than not, frequent and unexplained water disruptions, complete lack of climate control, 5 second delays on the sliding doors and customer service that is almost legendary in it’s failures, I’m surprised they manage to keep tenants around at all. Even when they attempt to maintain some level of communication, they totally miss the mark:

“We would like to notify you that there may be a Water Disruption on Monday June 27th, between the hours of 9am to 5pm, which may only affect either the Kitchen or Bathroom”

So let me get this straight, you are vaguely aware of a date that we may or may not have an issue with water? You’re also not sure if it is going to affect all building water, or maybe just in the Kitchen? Best part is that the water was off this morning in the entire apartment at 7am– which is Wednesday, not Monday.

The water thing doesn’t even scratch the surface of how poorly we’ve been treated by every single member of the office staff we have ever had the misfortune of dealing with (Lois, in particular, this rant is directed at you). Now that we are happily moving on to greener pastures, they have managed to find yet another way to royally piss me off – although this time, it’s within their legal rights. According to a Tenant’s rights, once you’ve given notice of termination of tenancy, your landlord has the right to show your premises without ANY warning or notice given. Fair play, I guess, since they never know when a perspective tenant will come to view an apartment. Not fair, however, is insisting on making these visits in the early morning hours on Saturdays. Is it necessary to ring the door bell four times in quick succession? Screw you Vertica.

In light of our leaving the facility in SEVENTEEN days, Tigger and I intend to put our best effort into showing Vertica the same courtesy they have shown us over the years:

Eff Off, Nasty Letter to Follow – We will continue to reply to all ‘Notification of Apartment Showing’s with thinly veiled hatred. Lois confirmed with me on the phone today that she had seen our recent ‘Nasty Letter’ that simply stated Tigger was working a late shift, and they were welcome to show the apartment, with the exception of one room – where he was sleeping. You think that’s Nasty? Ok Lois, we’ll actually aim for Nasty with the next reply.

Inappropriate Decorating – The Dildo/Butt Plug/Plastic Genitals/Whatever it is has been hanging out in the fridge for awhile, was on Eleanor’s door for a period of time, and now will be returned to a much more public area for viewing. Our ‘English Country Lads’ and ‘Treasure Chest’ books will be propped open on the coffee table. Tigger – where is that collection of old Porn VHS tapes you’ve been trying to get rid of?

Booby Trapping – What fun we could have with all of those empty boxes.

Garbage/Recycling – While we may be moving out in Seventeen days, Vertica was not willing to work with us on the date at all, so we are paying rent for the full month. Thankfully though, this means we have access to their garbage and recycling services during the very high debris period that follows a move. All of this, and any further refuse we can find, will be transferred back to Vertica for them to deal with.

Appointment Scheduling – As we are required to have a walk through of our apartment before they hand back our key deposit, I assume we can treat this appointment with the same reliability as all of our maintenance tasks have been handled over the years. I’ll just wait until they call after we don’t show up, and reschedule. I’m thinking three-four times should suffice.

All kidding aside, I’m truly just frustrated with the complete lack of respect with which Vertica employees treat their residents. 400 Walmer Road has a storied history in the city of Toronto, and was once an address to be proud of. Vertica Resident Services has trampled that reputation into the ground with the utter disdain and neglect evident in all their dealings. My Great Aunt Doll lived at 450 Walmer and had frequently voiced her desires to move south into the towers – I’m glad she didn’t have the opportunity, as it would have been a monumental let down.



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13 responses to “Vertica, You Suck

  1. Hahaahhaha…

    I don’t understand why people need to see the apartment.

  2. Jabbawingo

    Vertica attempted to charge us $300 during our move out inspection to remove the washing mashing cylinder to remove hard water sediment and also to dismantle dryer exhaust to remove all lint not trapped by the trap. The inspector didn’t actually look at either of those, but explained this was “standard practice”. I didn’t back down and a few phone calls and letters later, didn’t have to pay. What a bunch of crooks.

  3. P

    I lived at 77 Quebec for many years. Embarrassed to admit that. Nancy comments are pretty much the situation. The building used to be very nice during the Cadillac Fairview days. However now it’s an unclean, unkempt, animal infested disaster. I have no idea how they charge the astronomical rents, must be market supply/demand. Given a choice, I wouldn’t go anywhere near this building, or 40 High Park Ave. or Vertica.

  4. Vertica attempted to rip us off when my parents passed. They refused to give us back the $1300 last months rent. Although the Super had inspected and given the unit the all clear as I left, they later claimed damages, and were keeping the cheque. After some research online, I found out they CANNOT withhold the last month’s rent for damages, even if there were such damages (there were not). After TWO MONTHS we finally got the $1300 back. They threatened to sue, but never did. I just wonder how many ill informed people (like ME at first), don’t even look into it, and lose their hard earned money to the scammers at Vertica.

    • Ugh, I’m pretty over it now (moved away from Vertica over three years ago) – but it made my blood boil then! I don’t think I even ever got our key deposits back. they also insisted on doing an inspection the day we had our moving trucks there even though we had the apartment for another two weeks!

    • Rebecca McIntosh

      Vertica owe’s me 800$ and we moved out 1 month ago. No one responds to my emails, I was refused service at the High Park office… and no one seems to care. 2 years later – they still don’t care…

      • Not surprised to hear they are still terrible. Sorry to hear about this!

      • Scott Wylie

        Don’t give up Rebecca; that’s exactly what they want. It took me two months, but once they realized I knew the law, I got our $1300 back. Happy to help if you need it.


  5. Haha words cannot express enough how much I relate to your rant and the extent of my disdain towards Vertica! As soon as I finally receive my damage deposit (I’ve been playing tag since Nov 21, 2017) I will contribute a novel of the complete and utter bullsh*t I’ve experienced with them. People need to know exactly what they are getting into when signing a year of their life with this ridiculous company.

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