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Doctor’s Orders

Well I guess it’s more like Physio’s Order, RMT’s Orders and Chiro’s Orders. It boils down to the same thing though, I’ve been prescribed with a strict regime of no running for the immediate future. This is in thanks to a strain in my left Hip Flexor 😦

Not the best news when your first Half Marathon is five weeks away!

I decided to listen to their advice, at least for now. So I spent the long weekend doing simple mobility and gentle stretching exercises and icing a lot, hoping to speed up the recovery as much as possible. I added alternating cold and hot therapy this morning by lying on the ground with an ice pack for ten minutes then jumping in the hot tub for ten, rinse and repeat.


Not as much fun as it sounds. Especially since I was told by my Chiro not to dilly dally in the hot tub (he’s got me figured out eh?) and you have to end on cold therapy.

Here’s hoping I’m off running again (pun intended) this week – and not just because I’m ignoring professional advice!


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New Best Friend!

Ok so this little guy followed me around Capitol Hill in DC for a bit – and it was pretty much the highlight of my day

I will never grow up.

Sadly, I had no food to share with him (or her) but I still hung out chattering and cooing for a bit – mostly trying to ignore my friends mocking me and saying it was just a gay rat. I guess none of us really grow up 🙂


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Texts From Dad

My Dad is a hyper-communicator. He abuses phone and email like its his job. Texting, however, has generally seemed beyond him.

Actually, upon review, I’ve only ever received texts from him on three separate occasions – once in December 2011 with the simple request of Please Call, the second this New Year wishing me well and claiming he was in God’s Country (Lake Placid… Really? Didnt know it was Devine) and finally this gem:

Thanks for the “I’m on the train” update, presumably passed on because I had coordinated his ticket for him. More importantly though, the eloquently acronymmed WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU.

I think my response was appropriate – especially given I was, quite literally, in Miami, bitch.


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You’ve Changed: St. Patricks Edition

St. Patricks Day weekend was a very different world for me last year – it was my last weekend at the end of a two and a half month stint in Australia, and Tigger was Down Under visiting me for two and a half days of intense tourism and partying prior to us heading off to Asia.  That time frame also marked one of the most unhealthy and sedentary periods of my life.  While I was keen to live a healthy lifestyle when I landed in Oz and ticked the appropriate boxes by joining a gym and doing lots of grocery shopping, all of those plans went out the window when I spent more hours in the office than out of it, and spent most of my leisure time desperate to relax and order room service.  Gross.  I then proceeded to spend 11 days floating around Thailand, never more than 30 feet from my next large bottle of Change or Singha!  One of the best trips of my life, but it was more than time for a reboot when I got home.

Flash forward to St. Patrick’s weekend 2013.  I spent Friday evening and Saturday afternoon catching up with friends, and was in bed both evenings by 11 – sober.  I rose early on St. Patrick’s day and headed downtown to crush a personal best on a chilly 5k organized run.  I definitely imbibed in a few celebratory pints, but spent my evening recovering (from the run, not the pints) on the couch.

Despite the subdued nature of my weekend, I still managed to wear a bit of green and enjoy my own Luck of the Irish – my personal trainer arrived back from Visa Exile on St. Patricks Day! The Irish Sadist and I will be reunited this week – and I’m actually looking forward to the punishing workouts I’m sure he has planned.

A quick pictorial review of my weekend!

New Ritual: Far too much BBQ the day before a Race! Nom Nom Nom.

New Ritual: Far too much BBQ the day before a Race! Nom Nom Nom.

Tigger snapped this at the finish line.  Apparently I run with a serious Angry Face.

Tigger snapped this at the finish line. Apparently I run with a serious Angry Face.

Deceiving Sunny.  It was cold.  Pretty scenic spot for a race though!

Deceivingly Sunny. It was cold. Pretty scenic spot for a race though!


Trying to soak of St. Pat's sunshine through the window

Trying to soak of St. Pat’s sunshine through the window


Recovery Mode.  Prince William was massaging my hips :)

Recovery Mode. Prince William was massaging my hips 🙂






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Rainy Caribbean

When the weather is terrible on a Caribbean vacation, you find other ways to entertain yourself. So far this trip has consisted of playing Cards Against Humanity (a party game for horrible people – which suits us perfectly), trying to drink the entire bar and doing this at the bar in the early morning hours:


Annnndddd scene.


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