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Happy Birthday Mr. Stallan 

Stuff like this makes me miss blogging, real bad.

Important notes: My birthday was two months ago, and – despite the resonant quality of my voice – I am not a Mr. 


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Euro Nails

I take my nail care fairly seriously – especially on vacation. While I normally aim for obnoxiously loud neons, I do sometime prefer a more muted shade.

Enter my new theory for European Vacation Nails:


Most vacations I go with the brighter the better (ie this post), but for my recent trip to Ireland I went with a combo of medium grey with a few gold shimmer accent nails – because glitter is fun. The manicure lasted for way longer than normal and just seemed the perfect match for our road tripping adventures.

That brings us to today, and my next trip – Amsterdam and Istanbul. This trip seemed like the perfect occasion to go with my grey gold combo!

See Neighbour? I do wear grey polish!

At the airport about to fly (at the front of the bus, ahem) off to Europe. For the third time this year, yay me!! Im other news, I’m a spoiled little brat.


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That Would Buy a LOT of Popcorn

After a busy weekend of racing around the woods at Warrior Dash, D and I decided to cap off our weekend by seeing a movie at the new Cineplex VIP theater at Yonge and Dundas. The tickets are more expensive but they gain access to a smaller theater with large arm chair style seating and, most importantly, in-seat Food and Beverage service.  Beer, in the theater, brought directly to my seat? YES PLEASE.

So we avoided cottage traffic and toured down Airport Road lazily back towards the city eventually arriving at the theater with just enough time to find out seats and place our food and beverage orders with the waiter.  He was very friendly and carefully repeated our order before tallying everything up.  He handed me the credit machine and I went through the familiar sequence of button pressing.  When he asked if I wanted my copy I said absolutely not, those things always end up bunched up at the bottom of my purse!

Our beverages arrived shortly and the movie was about to begin.  All snuggled into my favourite sweater, in a big comfy chair, bird-sipping a beer (apparently that’s what my Mom says I do) and about to watch a comedy – what a great Sunday evening after an adventurous weekend.  This arrangement is very similar to the Gold Class theater experience I enjoyed in Australia, but not quite as awesome – the seats in Gold Class were unreal.

Our waiter suddenly reappears and hands me a copy of the receipt.  He then explains that he went ahead and voided the transaction as he assumed my almost FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR TIP was likely accidental.  Holy hell, accidental for sure! I like to think that I’m generous, but a 992% tip is a bit unnecessary – it was only two drinks and entrees!

The curious bit though is how that happened, neither the dollar amount nor the percentage of the tip bear any resemblance to my pin number or to what I would normally tip in this situation.  Thanks random Cineplex dude, while I’m confident I could dispute the charges had this actually gone through, I’m happy that he had the mindset to correct my fault right away.  Hopefully my 20% tip wasn’t a bummer.



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Who Needs Cake?

Not every birthday boy or girl demands cake at their festivities – and the waitress at local spot Boots ‘N Bourbon read our group just right tonight when she dropped off this inventive cake replacement at our table while we were out celebrating Officer’s Dirty 30!


Candles? Check
Birthday Wish? Check
Bourbon? Check

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Blood Strong


First time blood donor alert!

That’s right, I recently stopped by the Canadian Blood Services clinic on College street and gave them a pint (I think?) of the good stuff.  Now this wasn’t just a random occurrence, but I’ll address that later.

Given that the CBS is constantly on the hunt for Blood Donors and there is not shortage of access to clinics in which to donate, it seems a bit off that I haven’t bothered to donate until now in my almost 32 years, right? Wrong.

1. Because, needles.

2. I use to have this crazy theory that my body parts were my own to keep forever and ever amen – ie. no organ donation, those are mine dammit.

Much like many of the loudly touted theories of my youth, this too has passed.

3. Traveling, piercings, tattoos.  Apparently these are an issue and have periodically eliminated my eligibility for blood donation – though to be fair I was mostly unaware of this at the time.

4. CBS Policies, specifically the MSM policy and last spring’s adjustment to the deferral period.

5. Because, needles.

The impetus for my June 27th appointment with CBS hinged on point 4 above.  While the MSM policy shouldn’t affect me directly (for straight females the actions of any of partners would be considered), the implications of the policy affect many of my dearest friends and I saw the move to adjust the deferral period as half-hearted at best.

I was informed by my friend Korean that there was an opportunity to participate in an Ally Blood Donor Clinic, whereby a male who is unable to donate due to the MSM policy finds someone to donate on their behalf.  Given that this is viewed as an LGBT issue, the use of the term Ally makes sense.  This particular clinic was during World Pride here in Toronto and was the perfect opportunity to draw attention to the policy and the deferral period while also offering an opportunity for the community to drum up some support in terms of Blood Donations. Most of the other people I heard at the clinic were first time blood donors as well, so that alone shows the strength of the campaign.

I was actually surprised at how manual intensive the blood donation process is in terms of staff contact – I dealt with five separate individuals including administration and nurses.  I definitely understand the need for all of the screening questions and interviews, but my mind was racing at time and cost savings opportunities while watching the nurse apply like 19 different labels to the various tubes and blood bags required just for my donation.  Everyone I dealt with was super friendly and very thorough with explaining the process and making sure I was there as a willing candidate.

I’ll spare the details of the actual donation, either than to say I squealed like a two year old during both insertion and removal of the needle – even though it barely hurt, I’m such a moron.  Thankfully my body didn’t seem to mind the process at all and either than some stiffness in my hand on my donation site arm, I really didn’t feel anything at all.  Which is probably a good thing since despite the ‘no alcohol’ policy for the day of donation, I definitely imbibed while celebrating at Pride!

Also fun, due to the nature of the campaign and its occurence during World Pride, there was media presence at the clinic, and I even made the front page of the Toronto Star online! Hilariously, Metro News re-posted the link online and made a bit of a faux pas while creating their blurb, falsely listing me as a University of Toronto AIDS researcher and the person that started this clinic to begin with – oooh promotion!

I think the best part of the whole experience was watching the link get passed around by texts then facebook, and seeing the positivity it promoted.  Plus, lots of extra hugs at Pride 🙂  I also was given a first time blood donor pin (swag!) and a red plastic bracelet similar to the yellow ones of Live Strong fame.  It didn’t actually say Blood Strong on it, but it totally should have!

According to Canadian Blood Services approximately every minute of every day someone in Canada needs blood.  While not everyone is eligible, I encourage you to check out the eligibility information on Can I Donate on the CBS’s website – it’s in you to give.




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Mikey Likes It!

Nespresso is just like Apple, as soon as you cave in and buy something they come out with a new fancy version that you simply MUST HAVE. Or so says Mikey.

So here we are at the Bay, buying our new VirtuoLine Nespresso machine, even though we only bought our current machine in December.

Because Coffee.



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Days Since I Last Fell on my Butt: Zero

Well that was a good run. My historically complicated relationship with gravity has returned, literally with a bang.

After an evening out with friends in Montreal I was scurrying down the stairs of the bar to leave and completely wiped out – my friends actually heard me fall from outside. Ouch.

Thankfully I appear more bruised than broken!

Apparently I then decided to apply extreme caution on our snowy walk back to the hotel by walking at an absolute snails pace. My friend Andre kindly offered to give me a piggy back ride (though not as selfless as it sounds, I was a barrier to poutine consumption), which is something I seem to have forgotten from childhood. I completely failed on my end of the piggy – I apparently just hugged his back thinking that was sufficient and when my friends tried to encourage me to jump up to the proper carrying position my tiny hops were hilariously inefficient.

So they resorted to pushing me along while I disapprovingly muttered “Too fast, too fast, too fast.” I’m such a treat when I’m over served.

In other news, I think this really is the height of fashion.

20131222-155013.jpg I love the balls the on the forehead look – those Montrealers know style.


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