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Happy Holidays!

I’m off on my way to spend five magical holiday infused days with my family in the countryside! Bring on the general over indulgence, Rum ‘n Nog, Christmas music and Steak Tartare (a Francis holiday tradition).

While I’m away celebrating with my real family, I’ll leave you with a Holiday portrait of my adopted family (ok, real Mom included).

I swear we are all usually much more attractive than this.

I swear we are all usually much more attractive than this.

Happy Holidays everyone!



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In Lieu of an Ugly Christmas Sweater

I gave myself Ugly Christmas Nails!


The lighting didn’t work all that well – but its a combo of sparkly green and sparkly red 🙂  (Julep – Harper, Essie – Leading Lady)

Who am I kidding though, I certainly never think anything this tacky is ugly! However, I have accepted that many others will – which is, honestly, half the fun!

Maybe I should just invest in an Ugly Sweater?


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Wow, Have Another.

While enjoying a night out with my friend Victory this weekend, we happened upon a party and participated in a few rounds of Balderdash. I normally love this game and was excited to scribble down one of the best definitions I have memorized.

Scribble doesn’t even cover it. Scribbling is still English.

I apparently completely lose hand eye coordination after a few (ok, More than a few) adult beverages. Not to say that my normal writing is much to (pun intended) write home about, but seriously. I appreciate that I at least made a few attempts to make it legible.

Fail. Not surprisingly this is the same evening that I woke up Tigger to let me in the house because I’d lost my keys – only to find them hanging around my neck. Oy.


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Deck the Halls

Things are looking very Christmas-y on Sears Street!  I came home on Monday night and discovered that Tigger and Korean had been busy boys getting the house ready for the holidays. There were garlands on the porch and down the stairwells, our mini (pre decorated) tree had taken its place on the corner table in the living room, and other festive flare seemed to be everywhere.  Korean had also set up a new tree in the living room that his G’ma had gifted us, and was waiting for everyone to get home so we could decorate it together – cue the awwwwss.

The tree is mercifully fake – or as they call them now everlasting – as I am terrified of having real dead trees in the house.  Have you ever seen video of Christmas Tree fires? Well I have, and I never want one in my house ever again.  I conceded a few years ago and had a real tree at our old apartment, which Tigger proceeded to undress and drag through the apartment at our New Year’s Eve party – only to haul it across the street to a park and light it on fire.  Two things happened that night 1. Tigger now believes me when I say that Christmas Tress are a horrible kind of flammable and 2. He has forever lost his ‘real’ Christmas Tree privileges.

We sat around and listened to Christmas tunes while the boys strung the tree with lights (sidenote: I hated waiting for my Dad to get the lights on when I was a kid, it NEVER happened fast enough!) and then everyone started decorating with the assortment of ball shaped ornaments that G’ma had also included.

I think the finished product is pretty impressive.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Along with the obvious Ball jokes that were flying around the room, Eleanor and I also managed to start something of a ‘Glitter Fight’.  This pretty much entailed getting any glittery ornament or decoration in the room and trying to brush the glitter off onto your opponent.  Being that I have a height advantage of around 9 inches (not even going to bother with the jokes on that one), some would assume that I would be the obvious victor.  Those people would be wrong.  Eleanor might be petite, but she is much more aggressive with her glitter spreading tactics.   Also, my defensive move of bending forward and covering my head didn’t exactly work in my favour.

This is what losing a Glitter Fight looks like

This is what losing a Glitter Fight looks like

We settled down for a bit to enjoy the holiday cheer and watched a couple of holiday music videos.  Prince William took the opportunity to adjust to his new environment and found his new favourite spot right under the tree.

Poor Image Quality courtesy of iPhone

Poor Image Quality courtesy of iPhone

We have plans to go on our annual ‘Family’ Christmas dinner next week – at which point we should hopefully get an Epic nerdy family portrait!

I’ll leave you with this, my current holiday obsession:



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