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Vacation is Imminent

Neon toes. It must be time to head to the Caribbean!

I haven’t started packing yet, but at least my nails are done.

Quick few things to knock off my list this week and then it’s off to the sand, surf and sun!

• 9.5k run (thanks a lot weather, this should be interesting)
• 2 more training sessions at the gym
• Wedding dress shopping with my sister Sandy
• a United Way Event

Oh and some packing!


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Nancy: Zombiefied

Ok, so my hormones have full control today and I am NOT HAPPY.  Frankly, I would really like to just curl up into the fetal position and cry – and that’s what I’ve wanted to do all day, though I thought it might be a bit tacky at the office.

As I find myself swaying between unnecessary almost-tears, and random and misdirected blind rage – I am reminded of my favourite new App for my iPhone: The Walking Dead Dead Yourself.  The premise is simple, take a photo of yourself and use some preloaded gems to determine just what you might look like as a Zombie.  Apparently, my face is perfect for this process.  I’ve tried it with a few of my friends with very little success, yet every single time I try it with me – bingo, Zombie Perfection.

So while I personally feel like Fire Breathing Dragon right now, it seems like an apt time to share this side of me.  May you hope to never meet her.

Bad Day at the office Nancy

Bad Day at the office Nancy

Terrible Commute Nancy

Terrible Commute Nancy

"Patiently" Waiting for Taxes to be Filed Nancy

“Patiently” Waiting for Taxes to be Filed Nancy

Bored on the Couch Nancy

Bored on the Couch Nancy

I’m going to go ahead and suggest avoiding contact with me for the next 24 hours if you can help it.






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You’ve Changed

Here I sit once again at Flaunt Boutique in Leslieville, looking like medusa while getting my hair dyed. It’s only been six months since I last had my mop tended to … Jesus.

Last summer was my first visit here and I was instantly thrilled to discover that the both offered wine at inappropriate hours and attempted not to judge me for accepting.

Today is a different story, while wine was still an option I chose a coffee instead – and it was delicious!

Who is this and what happened to Nancy? I know, right? Anywho, I just figured after putting myself to bed at an alarmingly wholesome (and shockingly sober) 10:30pm, rising shortly after the sun to crank out my 8k and having a healthy breakfast – wine just seemed ridiculous. To be fair I have 8 glorious days in the Caribbean aboard the Carnival Breeze on the horizon, turning down a single opportunity for a glass of wine is hardly worthy of sainthood.

New favourite part about this hair salon? There are currently three dogs here! Two little tykes that are ambling around and this pup tied to his owner’s chair
Flaunt Boutique, Canine approved.


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Editor’s Note: I originally titled this ‘Butt-upuncture’, clearly my brain goes to polite before humour.  Who knew?

Sooo this is how I’m spending my lunch on this lovely Tuesday:

Yup, that’s my bum. On the Internet.

Thanks to my Lazy Ass (or “Passive Ass” as my physio calls it) I’m currently receiving acupuncture on my butt (Ok fine, my Gleutes) twice a week. The needles are surprisingly pain free and the little shocks that make my muscles flex really just feel funny and make me giggle.

The things we do for Running.


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Crash Landing

Here I sit on the couch, catching up on some trash TV (the Bachelor double episode week – Drama, Drama Drama! oh and lots of mascara tears) and icing both of my knees.

Knee injury jokes aside, this sucks.

I managed to crash down during a run around Toronto this evening. I had just hit that sweet spot where you remember that you actually like running: My lungs had adjusted to the frosty air and my breathing was under control, I felt strong, my legs were happy in their strides, and it was still light out at six o’clock!!! I was cruising up Jarvis almost at Front st and BAM. Down for the count.

No surprises here really – my relationship with gravity is shaky at best. Plus, you know – I’m only starting to train for a half marathon on Monday, no big deal.


I think the right knee is going to be particularly fetching.


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My Week with Penny

This past week I’ve had the joy and responsibility of being Auntie Nancy while puppysitting for my sister. Her beautiful little girl, Penny, and I have had a busy week visiting dog parks, the beach and going on a mini road trip to Collingwood!

The two of us are sharing a final cuddle on the couch while Sandy is en route to pick her up. It’s been a wonderful week, but I definitely remember why I only have a cat 🙂

A few shots from a blustery afternoon at Ashbridges Bay


And an evening stroll


This isn’t just a well timed shot – she lay like that for over an hour

This is proof that my “only eat treats on the floor” rule clearly didnt stick

Morning Love

Our final cuddle


I might have to start taking myself for walks 😉


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