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Safe to Assume: It’s All Downhill From Here

Woke up bright and early on this beautiful fall morning, made a delicious smoothie (Tigger may disagree due to the Peanut butter inclusion) and jumped into some gym clothes. Tigger and I then proceeded to be “those people” jogging by hungover groups brunching while we covered the 5k to a downtown gym.

While it was one of my worst runs of recent memory, it definitely highlighted that the yoga class we were about to attend was a seriously needed endeavor. We spend the next 75 minutes stretching (and groaning, grunting and whimpering) our bodies and enjoying a zen like savasana – well zen until some guy started dropping dumbells like it was a new fitness craze. Regardless, we left the class in great spirits, gulped some water and stopped off at Starbucks to refuel.

Safely back at home, I’m enjoying lunch – which includes a piece of chicken, broccoli salad (thanks to This Awesome Blog!) and a much needed protein shake.


Being that we are off to the second annual Oktoberfest at Steam Whistle in a few hours, I’m glad I had a chance to squeeze some positive influences into my weekend.

Now bring on Beer by the Litre, Pretzels with mustard, Delicious Bratwurst and many, many bad decisions.

I love weekends

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The World is Shrinking

The Francis Clan went out for dinner this evening to one of our favourite spots in the East End, the Riverside Public House. There is no denying we’re a chatty bunch, and can be an interesting table of patrons – to put it lightly – and this evening was no different than usual.

While we were busy chatting our server’s ear off and distracting her from her job, she heard my Mother mention that she and my Father don’t usually live in the city. She then asked where they usually reside, and when we responded with Small Town, Ontario her eyes went wide and she excitedly informed us that was her home town. A few local comments were made and I mentioned my parents street, and she asked me to repeat myself – yup, same street her parents live on.

While everyone was trying to sort out if we knew each others houses (likely, Small town on a dirt side road) I asked if her family happened to have dogs as I see so many canine friends when I jog on that street. She described her dogs and I quickly scrolled through the photos on my phone and showed her this:

Poor photo quality due to me panting from running, and dog completely uninterested in portrait session.

That would be her dog, Bandit. I happened to take the photo because he looked so much like our friends dog Willow.

So in a city if three million, our server’s parents house is on the same street as our family home in a town three hours away and I just happen to have a photo of her pet Bandit, on my phone.

Mind Blown.


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Beautiful British Columbia

This past week I journeyed back to British Columbia for a week to vacation a bit and then stand in my friend’s wedding.  My friends and I landed in Vancouver and almost instantly headed up the coast and inland to Whistler to see the sights and do some hiking.  I lived in Whistler for a short period prior to University and always enjoy going back, but it was a special treat to be in the car with people that hadn’t even been to BC before – the mountains truly are breathtaking.  On our drive towards Whistler we stopped at both Shannon and Brandywine falls, as well as lookout over the mountains.  We then sat in the the gorgeous sun for the afternoon, enjoying pints and the excellent pool deck at our hotel.  Thankfully we had a restful night as what was intended to be an easy 5k hike turned out to be almost double, but it was worth every minute – even though my butt hurt for a solid three days afterwards!

Did I mention that we enjoyed 5 straight days of cloudless blue skies and unbelievable sunshine?

Some photos!

Brandywine Falls

Whistler Peak – Beginning of Half Note Trail (approx. half of the High Note)

Hoary Marmot!! These critters were super curious about us 🙂

Easiest part of the Hike – no steep up or down here 🙂

Finished the Hike, on the way back down the Peak chair. Weird to be on a chairlift without skis!


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Here I sit, in the Maple Leaf Lounge at Pearson airport surrounded by bottomless free booze – drinking water and eating carrots. The Irish Sadist would be proud!

Trying my level best not to destroy my progress prematurely this week. Spending the next six days in Vancouver and Whistler culminating in an epic wedding on Saturday.

If the Bachelorette was any indication, this will be one hell of a party.
Here’s hoping that the RCMP only played a part in the preparatory festivities!! And fingers crossed for a less horrendous hangover on my flight home!

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