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Intruder Alert

Who says Guard cats aren’t a thing?

Prince William was doing the rounds this morning and in place of the usual squirrels, he found the neighbourhood tomcat Bean sitting sentry. He kept an evil eye on Bean and made little angry noises until the much larger feline left the vicinity – presumably of his own volition (just don’t tell Billie that).

Clearly the homestead is safe and sound and we can all sleep well at night.

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Autocorrect never ceases to amuse me in all it’s various permutations.

The Common Autocorrect
Correcting a misspelling by replacing with an incorrect word:
• Accidentally telling your boss you’re “in bed with a nasty clown“.
• My friend D told me she was rioting and was subsequently really confused when I replied with “Damn the man save the Empire!” Oohhh she meant to say she was tutoring

The Switcheroo
Similar to above, but this tends to happen when you’ve completed a word and spelt it correctly – Autocorrect tries to make you more efficient by helping you select a more commonly typed word instead:
• How many times to you end up saying good instead of food?
• I’m sick of telling people to “duck off”

The How Did It Know?
Ever type a few letters and are shocked that your phone seems to know exactly what you were going to type?
• Try typing sphygmomanometer.

The It’s Your Own Damn Fault
Don’t blame Autocorrect this time, fat thumbs.
• “I’m so excited for the weekend :(” your phone isn’t forcing you to be sad, you are

And Finally, my favourite The Inexplicable Capitalization
POUTINE. I’m not yelling, my phone just always capitalizes POUTINE.

Clearly, my phone and I have a very deep connection.

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I’ve Got 99 Problems, and a Hip is Definitely One

What am I, 90? Seriously, who has a bum hip at 31?

To be fair, I was technically born with a bum hip as I suffered from a congenital hip location at birth.  One of our family dogs had a dislocated hip when I was younger, Dad likes to say it “runs in the family” – Hilarious, I’m sure.  Thankfully I was lucky enough to have the Miracle workers at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, led by the Late Great Dr. Robert Salter, ensure I was a fully functional biped.

All seemed well in the joint until last Winter during the beginning of my Half Marathon Training.  All of a sudden I couldn’t put my left boot on – you know that motion when you bring your lower leg up inwards and sideways so its easier to slip on a boot or a sock?  Yup, couldn’t do that. Thankfully with the combo of rest and lots of Physio, Massage and Chiro I was able to finish my training and run my Half Marathon – Hooray!  The immobility seemingly disappeared, but decided to make a reappearance at the end of summer and this time it brought pain and general discomfort with it to the party.

The second round of assaulting my body with all forms of paramedical services alarmingly was of no help – if anything, I seemed to be getting worse.  I trotted off to see a Sports Medicine Doctor and was promptly ordered an MRA – which is just a regular MRI but with a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad needle beforehand.  Hooray Health Canada, I had my free MRI and associated ‘with contrast’ scary needle procedure booked and completed within a month – keeping in mind this isn’t a medically critical issue.   I love Canada.

To jump to the end of the story, it turns out I have a tear in the labrum of my left hip joint.  Sparing you a detailed anatomy lesson: where my leg bone meets my hip bone, there is a soft thingy that helps them connect, its torn.  The tear causes irritation, which causes inflammation, which then irritates and and inflames everything nearby.  Boo.

So that’s pretty much where I am today.  I know there is an issue that might involve surgery, but it requires a very specialized doctor and I’m pretty far down the list of urgency.  Canada is still awesome, but I’m likely not going to hear from the Surgeon to even have a consultation until the summer and the request went back in November.  In the meantime, I get to spend a ton of time with my Physiotherapist (thankfully she’s fun), which means lots of Ass-upuncture (I’ll spare you the photos, this time) and really just hoping the problem will go away on its own.

Oh, and it hurts more when its cold.  I really am 90.

Bonus points: Apparently this is exactly the same injury Lady Gaga had last year and has clearly recovered well from surgery.  I’ll take what I can get.

In unrelated news – I was invited to join in on a preview of a Brand new GoodLife Fitness Club this week as part of a Blogger event and wrote a recap of my experience for the great people of I’m Fit Possible, check it out!  It was a great night and an excellent opportunity to meet up with some other Bloggy Ladies including Sarah from My Mostly Healthy Life, Tara from I’m Fit Possible, and Krysten from The Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail.  We managed to grab a group shot at the end – clearly after I’d switched back into my new winter boots!

Aren't we cute?

Myself, Tara, Krysten & Sarah

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