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Girl’s Night Out

Featuring: New Hair do’s and Shiny Legs!

A few days late posting, but better late than never.

This past Monday evening Jillian, Eleanor and I hit the town, attending the 7th Annual SMUT Soiree – a girly event centering around a chat session with Lainey Gossip – which was held at the Evengreen Brickworks, smack in the middle of the Don Valley.

The three of us donned pretty sundresses, fabulous heels and just a touch of sass!  (This would be the first appearance of my dress since the Wardrobe Malfunction in Fremantle, Western Australia) The weather mostly complied as it was sunny for the majority of the event with just a tiny sprinkle here and there.  We entered the event space and promptly headed to the bar before surveying the available activities.  The beverages at these events are always a bit strange the only things on offer are from sponsors – so you can’t just order a vodka and soda, because the spirits sponsor was Bacardi.  Not like we suffered for it though, the options included:

  • Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc – WHY couldn’t have been just the regular 1664??  Damn the need to promote citrusy summer beer!
  • Bacardi – which was being mixed into a Mojito!
  • Jacob’s Creek – Moscato

After having a few beverages and snagging some snacks from the mingling servers (sliders and fries, oh my!), we started to survey our entertainment options.  We stopped by the John Freida pop up salon and scheduled hair appointments for later in the evening, and then tried to sort out what was going on at the Waxon booth.  Turns out that as a promotion for their new salon, they were offering free eyebrow waxing or threading to eventgoers.  Seeing as though my eyebrows are perfect (read: I’m afraid), I let the other ladies go ahead for their free treatments.

As we were waiting around for their turns, one of the ladies offered for us to try a new lotion product that they were selling that is supposed make your legs “Glow like JLo.”  We agreed to try it out and each received a strange leg massage as the product was rubbed onto our stems (I mostly found it strange that this poor girl was able to squat in 5” stilettos all night!).  We were all pretty impressed and spent a good amount of time staring at our shiny new legs, attracting much attention from other guests and signing the poor girl up for an evening of crouching and leg rubbing!

With our legs freshly glowing, and two third’s of our eyebrows under control, we grabbed some more wine and then made it to our hair appointments.

Jillian looked hysterical with her entire head being teased, but it was quickly calmed into a side pony with a herringbone braid.

Eleanor had a chic updo with a braid down the back that seemed to disappear as it was tucked under at the bottom.

Nancy received the most wild look (how did he know?!) with a twist on the classic Chignon that included two herringbone braids and a hell of a lot of backcombing.  In other words, perfect.

Seeing as though we now had our ‘Hair Did’ it seemed appropriate to imbibe in the free Makeup touchups being offered by Stila.   Thankfully none of us looked like Street Walkers by the end of the night!  We were definitely more done up than a typical Monday night however, that’s for sure.

The most entertaining aspect of the event by far was people watching.  Most of the ladies that turned up (and the odd gentleman as well) were definitely trying to make an impression with their fashion choices.  While we did see some absolutely stunning outfits, it was the tragic ones that were far more entertaining.  There was certainly enough red lips, neon and pastels in the room to call it a fashionable evening, despite the few train wrecks!

Being the responsible ladies that we are, we called it a night at around 9:30 after scooping up our excellent gift bags!  Definitely an awesome night on the town, and not nearly as liver destroying as it would have been had it been set on a weekend!


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Buying My Way to Fitness

I totally look like this.

This whole fitness thing is expensive, seriously.  Or maybe I just make it that way 🙂

After returning from Australia I have spent the majority of my disposable income (and much more that I haven’t quite earned yet) on various athletic endeavours.   I realize that many of the things I have spent money on are truly optional on my quest for wellness, but I never really do anything halfway do I?

Gym Membership – After fleeing Goodlife last year for the seemingly greener pastures of Extreme Fitness (and the promise of lots of Yoga with Jillian),  I went over the pros and cons and decided that a gym that was a two minute walk from my office was just too much to pass up.  Of course, even with my Corporate Discount, I still wanted the premium membership with towel service as well as a permanent locker.  $$

Personal Training – While signing up for the gym, I thought it would be wise to also pick up an introductory Personal Training package to re-acquaint myself with the process of working out.  Enter the Irish Sadist and his various plans to torture and break my poor little body.  Despite his efforts to scare me off, we got along well from day one and I felt very comfortable working with him (and whining as much as I feel like) so I decided to man up and buy a full year of training. 130 sessions, cha-ching.  $$$$$$

Clothing – While I already owned gym clothes, most of my collection involved old relics discarded from regular wear drawers (read: cotton and heavy).  The sheer volume of time I’m spending at the gym these days vs. the frequency of opportunities to do laundry has demanded that I start to stock up on new gym wear.  So far I have a couple new pair of pants and tops – but I’m seriously eyeing a few pricey numbers at Lululemon.  $

Shoes – Considering that I spend $600 for my orthotics, it seems to make sense that I should be placing them inside well supported footwear, especially with this nasty running habit I’m trying to pick up.  My current running shoes were pushing the 2 or 3 year mark, so I decided it was time to pick up some new ones – cut to me testing out new shoes at the Running Room while in a maxi dress and Kimonoesque top. Jackass.  Mission accomplished though! $

Backpack – As I am attempting to change my Walk to Work program into a Run to Work bonanza, I definitely can’t always be carrying my near 6 year old Lululemon bowling bag.  I actually picked up a small Electric backpack last year for this purpose, and while it serves me well for walking it just isn’t equipped for the needs of running.  While innocently checking out the Lululemon store with Jillian this week I happened to spy a Neon pink backpack specifically designed for the act of running to or from work – match made in heaven.  I think I actually asked Jillian if I should just get the black one – but we all know what decision I ended up making.  $

Obsess much?
The Neon was warped by my camera – its 20x brighter than this!

As you can see, I’m finding many ways to spend my hard earned dollars in the name of fitness – and that’s not even considering my increased grocery bill (damn fresh food is expensive!) or the fees I will be paying for some upcoming 5ks.  Although, I can’t really say that it isn’t in my nature to be a spender – the day I picked up my new backpack I came home and realized I also purchased a shirt and a dress from H&M in similar shades.  At least no one will have trouble finding me in the dark!


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Cat’s Eye View


While I attempted to quietly make breakfast this AM before heading off to the gym, Prince William decided to join me in the kitchen and serenade me with his special version of Wake The &@$k Up. In an effort to not have him disturb the entire house I scooped him up and he settled in for the process of making scrambled eggs – on my shoulders, of course.

Note: extremely hard to get a photo from behind your own head with a cat perched on your shoulders.

Hopefully Peggy and Tigger don’t mind the extra cat hair in their eggs this morning.

Far be it for me to deny my little angel the attention he demands in the morning, so after dishing out breakfast he also decided to join me at the table and inspect my meal.

I think I’m starting to understand parents that give their children whatever they want just to shut them up. Seriously, I would do almost Anything to stop the incessant racket in the morning!

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High Heels and Bad Decisions


On Friday afternoon, during a quick lunch trip to the Eaton Centre, I was drawn to a pair of neon yellow pumps – they had to be mine! I carried them blissfully back to the office, new shoes always put a spring in my step!

I headed to Montreal for the weekend with Andre and Eve to see our dear friend Brown Squirrel who was home for a quick visit from Thailand. The last time I saw her was my last morning in Thailand when she dropped me off at the airport in Mae Sot after a particularly harrowing adventure on her scooter with my 40 pound backpack.

As we so infrequently have the good fortune to see each other, it was cause for celebration – and a perfect night for my new heels. It was also Brown Squirrel’s little brothers birthday so we had an evening of fun ahead of us.

I don’t particularly remember much about the shoes either than carrying them around in my purse until just before we got to the bar – but Eve managed to capture this shot of me at the end of the night clearly protesting their involvement in my evening.

My last memory of the evening before drifting off (still in my outfit – the usual) was Andre, Eve and I devouring our Poutines back in the hotel room. Brown Squirrel had gone off to meet some other friends at the end of the night and had the misfortune of returning to the hotel, without a key, after we had all passed out and was stuck in the hallway banging on the door and calling us incessantly for god knows how long.

I love my friends 🙂


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Dancing White Horses

20120622-194344.jpgThis past week Peggy, Sandy and I had a Girl’s Night at the theatre. Instead of the usual musical numbers Peggy and I go to see, we had tickets to Cavalia’s Odysseo – which Sandy kept referring to as “Dancing White Horses.” I was really hoping it ended up to be more than what that description entailed, and it most definitely was!

Cavalia pulled into town in early May and set up their tent, which as of March 2011 is the world’s largest touring tent(thanks Wikipedia) – and it is impressive. The original dates only had them in town for a few weeks, but as the show has been wildly successful it keeps getting extended and so far will be in town until at least July 11th.

The three of us met up and headed to the Keating Channel Pub for dinner, a random little pub right at Lakeshore and Cherry and conveniently a short walk from the entrance to the Big Top. Cirque du Soleil normally pitches it tent just a short walk in the other direction, and Peggy and I have utilized this restaurant for its decent menu and subsequent free theatre parking in the past.

It was a gorgeous night out (or horribly hot and humid if you ask Sandy) and we were treated to a beautiful view of the city on our walk to the tent. After a quick maintenance break, we headed into the theatre to find our seats – which were amazing, considering they were just over half the price of the best seats in the house (which, to be fair, also come with a private lounge and a stables tour).

I can 100% confirm that Odysseo was infinitely more than just ‘Dancing White Horses.’ I think the easiest way to describe the show is that it seems to be like any Cirque du Soleil show, but with Horses. There are lots of acrobats involved in the show, who share the spotlight with their equine counterparts. Many of the acts involved typical horse and rider set up, but the more interesting ones surrounded horses seemingly following their master around a ring and following commands – with only the aid of body language and a small pointing stick. Watching four horses break into a gallop then stop and pirouette with hardly any cues was beautiful – but seeing them chase a human down a hill and then come to a dead stop behind her was fascinating.

During our show we also bared witness to a few horses having what appeared to be a power struggle – or just a hissy fit. While there were several groups of horses being led around the ring sans equipment, two horses in one group started to stray from the pack, galloping around on their own, bucking and generally ‘horsing around’ (forgive me). The whole situation made me nervous. Horses are incredibly powerful animals but are surprisingly fragile at the same time, one injury to a leg could easily mean the end of a career – or a life.

I thought the handlers managed the situation phenomenally. There were no looks of panic, and the rogue pair were given a chance to blow off steam while the other twenty some horses were kept calm. Without anything more than a gentle pat of approval, the horses were brought back to their positions and the show carried on. It was nice to see that the animals still have their wild streak, and don’t appear to be punished for exhibiting it.

Sandy and I pouted a bit after the show ended and announcements were made for the VIP and Horse Lover ticket holders to remain in their seats to await their stable visits – but we got over it. It was a wonderful evening under the Big Top and I’d recommend it to any one!


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Rise and Shine, Literally

Gone are the days of me rolling out of bed at 8:15am on a workday and rushing through my morning routine only to make it work a few minutes late, and then have to rush downstairs to get a bagel (with butter) and a giant coffee.  Thanks to my thrice weekly AM visits with the Irish Sadist, I can’t seem to stay in bed after 7am during the week.  The downside is obvious – I love sleeping, the more the better. The upside is a bit more complex.

As today was a day off from my scheduled Personal Training sessions, I technically had the morning to myself.  I thrive on the extra time on Tuesdays, as I’ve dictated it to be  my ‘lazy morning at home’ day now.  It’s become my day to actually wear makeup, straighten my hair and have some extra cuddles with Prince William before I head to the streetcar.   Thursdays, However, are a bit different.  Eleanor and I have been making a habit of walking to work on Thursdays, if weather permits.  Since Eleanor had been off work for almost a week, she decided to pass on our 5k hoof into the city today though.  Thus, finding myself alone,  I decided to jog.

Don’t worry, I still hate running – but I’m determined to be a bit better at it, even if it kills me.  Which it could have today because it was a bajillion degrees out plus an extra bajillion in humidity.   I guess the weather is fitting consider today is the official first day of Summer!

Feels like FORTY – No surprise on the Humidex Advisory!

I hopped out of bed at 6:30 (well I actually carefully removed Prince William from his repose on my stomach first, and then hopped out), cooked up some eggs and was out of the house shortly after 7.

The last time I attempted to jog to the gym (which is only ¼ block from my office) I lasted less than ten minutes and hadn’t covered much distance.  I didn’t make it all the way today either, but I made it to the halfway point and then walked the rest of the way – I was absolutely soaked and exhausted.  I like to think that the heat, humidity and the extra 5-10 pounds in my nerdy backpack tempered my progress, but also with no one around it’s easy to stop when I feel like it.  Knowing that I have actually completed a 5k before, I’m hoping with a bit more practice and the right mental prep I’ll make it all the way to the gym jogging at some point.

On the last leg of my walk I noticed this bus shelter sign and it made me feel like I was in a ParticipAction commercial with Hal Johnson and Joanne McCloud.  Right?


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Father’s Day on the St. Lawrence

Sunday on the St. Lawrence

Despite the fact that my plans had been to spend Father’s Day weekend catching up on my own life in Toronto, I ended up spending the majority of it on the St. Lawrence River with my family.  Lazy days filled with beer and sunshine aren’t really anything to complain about anyway 🙂

Some highlights:

  • Emptying the Keg – Didn’t we just tap it last weekend? Booze hounds
  • Baby Burds – After the loss of our Bunnies last week, I was happy to see some (hopefully) more successful new life on the property.  The chicks are at least a safe distance from the dogs… for now

    Chirp Chirp Chirp!

  • Father’s Day Brunch– Due to the aforementioned emptied Keg, we were drawn to a Riverside restaurant for a tasty lunch and a multitude of pitchers.  Even though I lost out on my vote for dining options, Smuggler’s had Pulled Pork on the menu so all was well.

    Like Father like… wait a minute..are we even related?

  • Gas Station Confusion– while Sandy and I were at our second weekend pitstop at a convenience store for superfluous beverages (this time we stuck to water and grapefruit Perrier), we witnessed a 18 wheeler slide in to the regular pumps, only to fuel up for a measly $14.  Huh?

Despite my longings to actually enjoy the home I pay so much to own, I’ll be off again this weekend – this time to Montreal.  Brown Squirrel has landed back in Canada for a brief visit before spending the rest of the year in Thailand so Andre, Eve and myself will make the pilgrimage to visit, drink too much and then suffer through the car ride home the next day.  Ahh friends 🙂

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