Use it or Lose it

Our freezer wasn't actually this bad, but you get the point

In an attempt to ease the headache of the upcoming move, my roommates and I have been making a tangible effort to use up consumables around the apartment.  We’re hoping this will decrease the amount of stuff to pack, therefore decreasing the time (and cost) of the move, and hopefully allowing us to save some cash in the short-term.  Some of our efforts have undoubtedly been more successful than others:

Freezer Dinners – Definitely the front-runner in both the success and enjoyment categories.  Thankfully, our freezer contains a good assortment of meat, veggies and fruit, instead of the typical unidentifiable leftovers.  Notable collaborations include the much loved Saag Paneer (WHY do we have so much frozen spinach to begin with?), Fruit Smoothies that acted as dinner on Saturday night, and a big vat of ground Chicken Chili that will feed us all  for the rest of the week. Bonus – we had plenty of room on Saturday night to provide ice and chilling space for our guests’ drinks.

The Liquor Cabinet – Frankly, I wasn’t even aware we had one until the prospect of moving came up and I started to investigate cupboards I haven’t looked into in years.  Much to my surprise, we had a respectable collection of hard liquor stored under the wine rack just jonesing for a cocktail to join.  Our party on Saturday night appeared to be an excellent opportunity to work our way through some of these bottles.  I personally neglected my duties and mostly stuck to beer, but we are down at least a handful of bottles.  Aside from a few bottles of Rum and Gin, we have a strange compilation of booze to either drink now or take with us – peach schnapps anyone?

Under the Sink – I’m not so sure about Eleanor and Tigger, but I have a veritable Shopper’s Drugmart worth of product stored under my bathroom sink.  I swear I go through this stuff every six months or so and determine that most of it is worth keeping.  Prior to playing the ‘Keep vs. Toss’ game, I’ve been trying to use up the odds and ends of various products – which mostly includes strange lotions and samples of hair products.  If I have looked peculiar or smelled sickeningly of pineapple recently, I apologize.  Thankfully, this experiment is almost over.

Cat Food/Litter – Prince William has always been a very healthy size (which the Vet has complimented me on, only to renege on the compliment once I admitted that he is free fed and imposes portion control on himself), but I’ve been tempting him with extra food recently.  I’m not sure what possesses me (either than sheer laziness) to buy 40 pound bags of cat food for a 10 pound cat, because it takes him forever to get through each bag.   I’m fairly certain his kibble isn’t produce-aisle fresh after the first week or so.  In a purely selfish act, I’ve been sneaking him an extra scoop or two in the hopes that he’ll do his share of packing for the move.  No results on this one yet, even with an extra scoop it will take him six months to finish the half empty bag.

TP – has been used with reckless abandon.  Paying for it is frustrating enough, carefully packing our spare rolls and paying to have them transported to our new abode would be maddening. TP is also substituting as tissue for the time being with sub par result.

Hopefully our efforts will be realized on moving day, but I suspect I’m going to show up to the new house half cut with terrible hair, a pocket full of TP and a fat cat.  At least I will have had a healthy dinner.


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3 responses to “Use it or Lose it

  1. what about all those condoms….. kidding?

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