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Hide and Seek


Ok Tilley, points for being the cutest Hide an Go Seek participant ever, but you’re doing it wrong.


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Santa’s (crappy) Little Helper

I don’t think I’ve ever fully appreciated the effort and care that goes into delivering the perfect Christmas experience to a child. I was overwhelmed today by the effort put forth in the news to “track” Santa’s progress – and it felt heartwarming watching the commanders at NORAD explain the mission of escorting Santa throughout his North American Voyage.

It really hit me, however, when I was stumbling down the stairs in near darkness, dropping things and failing to stifle the intermittent curse words that come about with this type of activity. Thank Santa I’m the youngest in this household, or I’d be ruining it for someone!

Scenes from the crime:




Being an Elf is hard work!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good night.

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My Heart Grew 3 Sizes That Day

I may be a bit of a Grinch about the holidays, but if these two don’t melt your heart I don’t know what would.



Happy Holidays from Old Lady Tills, Jazzman and the rest of the Francis Family ūüôā

(although Papa Bear and Sandy are still en route home…)

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Bill and Hank’s Excellent Adventure

I may not have mentioned this before, but my Sister Sandy (aka Hank) is moving across the¬†country from Vancouver to Toronto to¬†shack up¬†with her love, Jean-Jacques-Henri.¬† Now, no Francis Family move like this would be complete without some variety of shenanigans¬†– and in Sandy’s case, this includes a cross-country drive with our Papa Bear (aka Bill).¬†

Driving across North America is a feat in and of itself, and also something I’d love to try myself one day.¬†¬†However the length of the trip alone isn’t the only factor to consider – Having only left Vancouver on Monday evening the pair have only really 5 full days to make it to Small Town,¬†Ontario¬†for Christmas, where Peggy and I will be waiting (probably impatiently) with open arms.¬† Considering the distance involved, they definitely have enough time – as long as they don’t hit weather, construction, stray animals or spend too long at the many tourist attractions along the way.

Throughout the journey, Sandy has been keeping me updated on their progress (after my failed attempt at waking them up pre-6am).¬† One particularly amusing note came through yesterday afternoon while they were on the road: “Gillette, Wyoming…. Where god and the republicans clearly reign. No beer at gas stations!!! Help!!! ” Personally, I feel for the citizens of Gillette with those two on their road!

As of Wednesday PM they had made it all the way to Murdo, South Dakota – which, according to Sandy, is a ‘time warp’.¬† So I went ahead and Google Imaged the town, and I shit you not, this is one of the first photos that came up:

Time Warp? Check.

From my guesstimations (and my obsessive tracking on Google Maps), I think they’re over halfway through their adventure which means they’re in the sweet spot for making it home in time for the Holidays – which is good news for everyone.¬† Peggy has been holding fort solo since last Thursday evening and is possibly getting Cabin fever.¬† I will be arriving home for the Holidays tomorrow night, and I fear that if they don’t make it home for Christmas I may become collateral damage.

Have fun you two, and while I realize that T. S. Eliot remarked that its ‘The journey, not the arrival that matters‘ – ignore him, and hurry home!

Progress thus far (FYI - that white thing is the car)


The Whole Shebang


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This doesn’t quite make up for missing the Festive Special party at Jillian’s house this year – but at least it brightened my day up!¬† Today was our annual company ‘Holiday Lunch’, and they served up the much loved Festive Special from Swiss Chalet.

While it was delicious as always, I was sad to not enjoy the additional 12 ounces of Chalet sauce that I would normally order.   However, the Company did toss in Cupcakes as well, which may have been overkill considering the Lindt chocolates that are already provided with the meal.

Dirty Bird, Swiss Pigeon, Shit Chalet, whatever you call it – its Festive to me!

I know I know, I didn’t finish my chicken.¬† But REALLY, how are you supposed to eat all of that chicky with that tiny little thing of sauce?¬† It just isn’t possible.


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Crazy Eyes

Some would wonder how I manage to hold onto my career when I show up to work looking like this:

Check out those pupils!

The fact that I’m a complete hypochondriac works in my favour sometimes – I’m pretty sure every already assumes I’ve just been to some sort of eye¬†doctor before I even get a chance to tell them about the growth on my Retina.

The best part about going to the Opthalmologist is realizing I have everyone else there beat by at least two decades – wait, is that maybe the worst part? I’m a premature geriatric, this surprises no one.


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Runs in the Family

Get it? A family that drinks together...

I received this humorous little note from my sister Sandy this morning, and with her permission I am sharing it with you:



Subject: Reasons not to go out on a monday night

lost my blackberry. threw up IN the cambie. BUT i hit my year’s plan… . will let you know when i have a new phone. i must be related to nancy. i’m really looking forward to my float plane ride to nanaimo in half an hour. hopefully i don’t throw up again.

Also to note, Papa Bear lost his cell phone when he was visiting the Big Smoke last week, thankfully though it was found and has since been returned to him.  Guess cell phone preservation issues really do Run in the Family.

Can’t help but feeling a little bit justified for all my failures in this area.


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