About Me

Just another Leo on the road of life, tripping over more often than most….

I like to think that I’ve made a healthy combination of both good and bad decisions during my lifetime.  Mostly though, its the bad decisions that lead to either a) the best times of my life or b) the most embarrassing/hilarious/cringe worthy moments.  I intend to focus on the latter.

I will consider this blog partially anonymous, as they say ‘The names have changed, but the stories are real’ – anonymity is fun.

The Nancy Files:

Location: Toronto aka the Centre of the Universe

Age: Passed the 30 mark, That is all.

Status: Lone Lioness

Reason for Blogging: To quiet the voices in my head

5 responses to “About Me

  1. hey! found you through truth and cake!! you make me laugh, so i’m following you!

  2. I’m not sure I can accept your “Reason for Blogging”. Oh wait, your head, not “his”. Carry on.

  3. Kendra

    Hey! I have a quick question about your blog. Could you please shoot me an email when you get a chance? Thanks!

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