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What’s that Smell?

We had one of those “isn’t it great to be a homeowner?!?” moments last week.

As there are so many of us living in the same house (4 permanent, one part border), we more than have the need for supplementary fridge and freezing storage. When we moved in we set ourselves up with a small mini bar and a cube freezer in the garage. The fridge really just serves as extra room for beer, but the freezer has been home to burgers, chill and random meats (my favourite pluralized word) since we moved in.

Again, due to the number of dwellers in our homestead, the Garage also serves as storage for lots of our other overflow: Suitcases, Off Season Clothing (I don’t personally have this concept), bikes and other sporting equipment. As Korean is the most ‘team sports’ associated member in the house, the garage serves as home to his collection of Hockey Equipment. Unfortunately, being an aggressive sport, hockey and its necessary equipment has frequent visits with bodies exerting themselves – and, well, it smells.

We complain periodically about the funk in the garage, which is much more prominent during a busy hockey period, but its honestly the best solution for storage. Recently, however, I had been noticing that the smell had been getting a bit more unbearable. In short, it was getting rather offensive, rather quickly. We suffered in silence for a few weeks.

Cut to last week when Tigger darts downstairs to put some food in the freezer – opens up the lid and is met with a wall of odour that almost ejected his breakfast directly from his stomach. As it would appear, our freezer had died and along with it, the previously dead (and thankfully frozen) meat had thawed and come alive with putrid odours as it began it rot in the unbelievable heat wave we have been enjoying.

And we thought it was just Korean’s Hockey gear. Whoops.

Thankfully, Korean has a farm boy history and quickly manned up and cleaned up the remains of our previous edible food – and he didn’t even request a HazMat suit. I hid in the living room and then Febreezed the ENTIRE HOUSE after he drove away with the carnage. Curiously, after Tigger opened the freezer, even after closing it within seconds the odour had begun to permeate the house at an alarming rate.

I’m happy to say that there is no lasting damage from the rather gross occurrence (except maybe emotional scars), and we are the proud owners of a new freezer!

Next time, Korean, we will give you more credit and not just assume that your Hockey Equipment is to blame for any vile smell in the house.



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Quick Change

As we prepare to gather as a family tomorrow to lay my grandmother to rest, on the eve of her 98th birthday – I realized something was off. My nails were chipped.

Trivial though it would seem, my Grandmother was known for her impeccably manicured nails (as is my Mother) and I thought it wouldn’t be fitting to show up in my current condition.


My G-ma was actually know for her overall elegance, that clearly surpassed just the quality of her hand care. She was always beautifully put together and I would really love to have seen her in her youth. The idea of her in the roaring 20’s thrills me.

As I knew a more somber occasion was upon us, I decided to tone down my colour choice.


Well…. Going from Neon down to just Bright and Sparkly really IS toning down in Nancy’s world.

Nain would be happy with my choice I’m sure 🙂


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Suspicions Confirmed

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a distinctively deep and slightly husky voice. This wouldn’t be anything worth mentioning if I was a dude, but since I’m of the female persuasion it’s definitely not my favourite trait. I wouldn’t say I fret over my voice, I’m just more than acutely aware of it – especially when I hear recordings of my own voice.  Tigger and I actually recently agreed that my voice is deeper than his, I’m not sure who was more horrified.

Earlier this month I headed up to King City for an outdoor shindig with some friends that involved an open bar and all you can eat food – on the rather large property of an insane mansion. As an added bonus, the event was actually a fundraiser, so our partying was for a good cause!

King City Carnival!

We had a great evening and then finished up with a few night caps at a friend’s house. As daylight hours were nearing, four of us piled into a cab to head home. I ended up positioned behind the driver.  We were all chatting away and found out that the driver was from India, Gurgaon to be specific – I’ve actually been there, twice!  This sparked a great conversation about both his hometown and some other parts of the country I had visited, and just how much I loved Indian food.

The driver (whose name I knew at the time and have since forgotten) inquired about how much time I had spent there, and we got into a whole discussion about why I was there and the details of my job.  He then said to me:

“Almost five months is a long time to be away from home, did you at least get to take your wife or girlfriend with you?”

This is where everyone goes quiet.  Silence.  And then I stutter

“Umm, I’m a girl.”

The driver flung his head around to confirm, and then started apologizing quickly. Laughter.  More Laughter.

In both his and my defense, it had been a long night of drinking and screaming over the loud music.  But still, with only my voice as a cue, he unquestionably thought I was a dude.

After a long night of partying, I sound like this dude.


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The Importance of Survival Skills

Not ominous at all…

In an effort to behave myself and repent for my long weekend sins, I decided to have an incredibly low key Friday night and get up early this morning for some exercise. Everything went to plan last night, I made dinner, watched TV  and the only thing I left the house for was to collect Tigger from work.

I arose bright and early, whipped myself up some breakfast and headed out the door. I was happy to see that the sky was cloud covered – after my insanely humid run on Thursday, I was happy for a change in weather. I set off on my way and was in Ashbridges Bay Park (in the Toronto Beaches) in no time. I ran to the end of the lagoon, where Jessica and I had hung out a few times in our youth, and pressed on exploring the foot paths around the bay.

I stopped a few times along the way to take some photos of the beautiful scenery and the incredibly calm waters. Upon review of those photos, it seems apparent that I maybe should have been paying a bit more attention to the weather, but I was happily ensconced in my journey and carried on.

What’s that they say about the “Calm before the Storm?”

I had just set off down a little peninsula past the yacht club when I thought I felt a little rain, but it didn’t amount to much right away. About five minutes later, when I was completely isolated and as far from buildings as possible, it started coming out of the heavens.

I sought shelter quickly under a nearby tree and then quickly fled for a larger one that appeared to provide more shelter. I screamed outloud three times when the lightening and thunder came in such quick succession that they made frightening crashing noises – honestly the lightening sounded like it was right on top of me.

It was at this point, for the first time, that I considered my scenario – and then quickly got out my phone and asked the helpful world of Facebook:

“Can’t remember my survival skills – should I be hiding from this thunder storm under a tree?”

I didn’t end up getting a response until I was home – because it was 8am and everyone I know was in bed – but apparently I was not exercising smart survival skills AT ALL.

A quick internet search has now Informed me that I did several things wrong:

  • Trees are not suitable structures – in fact by hiding under isolated trees I was actually increasing my risk of injury
  • Watch the Skies – apparently a big part of this whole “survival” thing is awareness, ppffft taking photos of the geese was much more important
  • Stay under cover for 30 minutes after the last lightening strike – ya, anytime the rain slowed a bit I would break from my shelter and run off, as soon as the storm picked up again I would once again find the tallest isolated tree and stand as close as possible to the trunk

The skies during one of my tree-to-tree dashes

Regardless, Im home safe and sound and had a fabulous run (despite the choppiness of k’s 3-4) and this has been a great opportunity to review this information.

Mostly, I kind of just feel like I’m being punished for exercising on a Saturday!


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Unsupervised Exercise

Until my recent experiences working out with a Personal Trainer, I mostly exercised solely under my own guidance and volition.  Granted, I would often just go to Group Exercise or Yoga classes where my workout was still assisted by a professional, but I’d often just hit the cardio machines or try like 4 minutes of ab work before calling it a day.  Regardless, I felt like I could get the job done on my own.  Even with my recent new habit of running now and then, I can get up, get out the door and work up a sweat.  Yesterday was a bit of a different story, however.

I woke up on Wednesday morning and had received an email overnight from the Irish Sadist – apparently his giant German Sheppard puppy was out of sorts and he was still up with him at 2am (when the email arrived), so he would be cancelling our morning session.  In a fit of strength, I continued the exit from under my sheets – regardless of how tempting it was to just stay put.  I was determined to make the most of my morning even without someone there to complain too, and make me push harder.  After the long weekend, I was in need of some vicious calorie burning.

I hit the gym and jumped on the treadmill for a warmup, then started to wander around the gym plotting my next move.  Regardless how confident I am using the equipment in the gym when the Sadist is with me, I feel like a fish out of water in the weights area of the gym by myself.  I still refer to everything but cardio & group ex as the “Big Boys Gym” and trying to figure out what to use, how to use it and in what order makes me panic.  If anyone is using a machine I bail and hurry off.  Frankly, if anyone is within ten feet and I perceive that they may eventually have a use for that particular Rowing machine (even though there are two other empty ones right there), I’ll still hurry off with my tail between my legs.  I have no problem using free weights and could easily fill an hour with them alone, but again, that’s the “Big Boys’” territory – so I stayed clear.

Big Boys Gym

Now let’s get this straight – the gym was, as usual, populated by all walks of life and they weren’t separated into sections like a Highschool cafeteria.  That is to say that the “Big Boys Gym” had plenty of little girls, old girl, little men, round men etc. not just brickhouse body builders and elite athletes.  The concept is clearly my brain working against me, not an actual accurate perception of my surroundings.

I managed to scurry around a bit and find three machines (Seated Row, Chest Press, Hanging Leg Lifts) I’d used before and successfully start my workout.  I then couldn’t figure out what to do next right away – being idle in a gym also terrifies me – so I almost panicked and headed for the changerooms.  I took a bit of a breather and remembered the ‘Fit Fix’ part of the gym which is a series of easy to use equipment you can move through in a short period of time.  Thankfully those machines were all but abandoned so I jumped on all the upper body muscle associated machines and finished up my hour.

I definitely think the Sadist and I are going to have to develop some workouts for me when I end up in the gym on my own.  I also need to man the %#@k up and stop being such a spaz.


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