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Gallery 501

I feel like such an Artiste!

I joined some colleagues this evening at an event called “Paint Nite” – which is, well, pretty self explanatory.

You choose which night you are going to go based on the painting you’d like to end up with. We chose the Toronto skyline, and I sincerely doubted it’s Easy rating.

The instructor guides you through the evening in a relatively easy to follow step-by-step manner. Easy to follow ended for me when any variety of creativity was involved. Making randomly shaped buildings proved especially taxing. The instructions for our painting included lots of reflections in the water and highlights on the buildings from the sunset – that seemed entirely too difficult so I finished with my wonky CN tower.

Et Voila! My strange looking Toronto on its 501 Streetcar Gallery Tour through the heart of the city.

If I end up keeping it, I’m pretending a little kid did it.


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None Shall Pass

Nothing beats a giant commuting clusterfuck on a Wednesday morning!

While bobbling along on the streetcar this morning, I noticed that the traffic seemed a bit heavy. Shortly after that thought, the streetcar driver came on the horn to first ask everyone near a window to ensure theirs was open and secondly – which really should have been firstly – that something was blocking the road ahead. He then added that if we were in any kind of hurry he would suggest getting off and walking.

Not an awesome sign.

I get off the streetcar and see a chain of other stranded streetcars waiting ahead of me – definitely a sign to try a new route. As I pass through Leslieville and approach the train bridge near Degrassi street (yes, that Degrassi) I see a Fire truck clearly blocking the road.

This set up is clearly blocking the actual issue, and I can’t help but start laughing when I see what the actual problem is. Some silly truck piled high with some metal structures clearly didn’t quite fit. Kudos to the driver for almost making it before his cargo started to fall off.

Sorry for the crap photo, I was laughing and surrounded by uniformed police and firemen – so I was clearly distracted

So here I am, finally on another streetcar route and only lost about 20 minutes, and gained a pile of humid morning sweat. I should have just got to the gym this morning!


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My Private Chariot

Much to my delight this morning, on my dark unusually early AM ride into the city, I was greeted with a Private vehicle. Well, at least it WAS private from Greenwood to Alton (one stop).

Limos are totally overrated.


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I’m a Loser

…And I mean that in the nicest way possible.  Really, I am a loser – I lose things, mostly cellphones, at an alarming rate.  Actually ‘lose’ maybe isn’t the right word, if you put things down and simply walk away from them its not losing as much as it is forgetting, right?  Not that being forgetful (or absent minded) is much better than just being a loser.

During the past six years, I’ve lost at least as many cellphones – generally when I’ve been over served or had a bad ice cube or two.  Generally the culprit is Taxi cabs and my nasty habit of falling asleep at inappropriate junctures in the evening.  I’ve also twice had a phone graciously returned to me by a cab driver (for a fee…), but the rest have disappeared into the oblivion.  I’ve even tried installing those ‘Lost Phone’ applications once I forayed into the Smartphone domain, but the most that ever did was allow me to watch my lost phone travel around the city for a bit last Halloween (via GPS feed) prior to someone wising up and popping out the battery.

My misfortune with cellphone possession struck again last night – although this time I actually believe that my phone was physically taken from me as opposed to being woefully abandoned.  I threw my two phones (iPhone for fun, Blackberry for work – its as douchey as it sounds) into my only purse pocket –  my Longchamp, while coveted and beautiful, is not super functional – and raced off to the subway as usual.  I hit the ATM on the way to the subway and then picked up some salads before meeting up with Peggy at the cinema.  Neither occasion was cause for me to put my purse down.  After I settled into my theatre seat, I reached for my phones to turn them to silent/off only to find that only my iPhone remained.  Ironically enough, I had actually zipped up my purse for the first time in months as the subway seemed rather crowded.

After retracing my steps in my head, the only option is that someone reached in and grabbed it from the very visible top pocket prior to my feeling the urge to zip up the purse.  I obviously can’t prove this, and due to my track record it’s likely that no one will believe me.  Its also noticeably strange that my iPhone remained intact in the pocket – and I used neither during my journey.  However, as soon as I noticed it was missing I called it (you know, from my other phone) and it went straight to voicemail – in my experience, this is the first indication that the phone is gone forever and some thieving jerk now has a new phone.

Simple? Yes. Practical? No.

The worst part is that I was only given this Blackberry in July, which pretty much confirms everybody’s opinions that I’m unfit to own a cell phone.  Shockingly, after I finally admitted my predicament at the office today (after some coffee, and much avoidance), the only reaction was that I’ll have to wait a day or so for my new device as a few key people are out of the office.  Great, lets see how long this one lasts – I really think I need to start attaching them to my body somehow.

This would totally ruin my hair


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Christmas in August

I love August, especially the first week!  Not only is it generally warm and sunny, but this week also includes both my birthday and my favourite event of the year – Toronto’s Festival of Beer.  I believe this year marks approximately my 10th year at the event (I say approximately because I honestly can’t remember.. but its seems like its been a lot of years!), and never fails to be an amazing day.  My friends and I long ago determined that the Beer Fest was indeed, better then Christmas, and have taken to wishing eachother a Merry Christmas on this day – at the beginning of August.  Even my Mom gave me a ring on Saturday to impart the joyous message.

Jillian and I started off my birthday festivities on Thursday by sweating it out at the gym and then enjoying a few libations down on the ‘Coast.’  I left the reunion of Jillian and Mr. Moustache a few hours later and made my way to Union station to collect two of my dear friends that made the trek down from Ottawa for the weekend.  Andre and Eve arrived at 10pm and we all made fast work of getting some beer into our bellies (or in Eve’s case, White Wine – ‘grape juice’ as our waiter called it) at a local watering hole.  I decided to make the most of their visit and had booked the Friday (my actual birthday) off work, so we spent the next day checking out the Beach (yes, Toronto has several of these), travelling on the TTC and dining on Patios. 

In order to keep ourselves fresh for the Saturday’s day drinking festivities, we decided to have a low key BBQ at the homestead on Friday night.  We enjoyed some delicious eats and a few beverages, while feeling as though we were trapped in the 40 year old versions of ourselves – staying in on a Friday night and watching Dateline? Yup, Happy Birthday to me!

Finally, Christmas in August arrived and we all piled on a sweaty Streetcar on Saturday morning, destined for the Beer Festival.  Luckily, the rain that had been threatening to dampen our spirits managed to hold off – but the humidity was palpable. This was definitely the swampiest day I have ever experienced in Toronto, and likely the world (maybe I just ignore the humidity when I’m in the Caribbean?).  Luckily, the sun was shining and the beer was flowing freely enough to make the suffocating humidity a non-issue. 

Like every Beer Fest in my past, the day seemed to go by far too quickly.  I managed a few quick visits with Jillian and Mr. Moustache, saw a few friends from High school on the streetcar ride in, and managed only about two minutes of face time with my partner in crime Depot – at least from what I can recall.  As usual, we spent the majority of the day hanging out near the SteamWhistle area – just because I’m surrounded by hundreds of breweries doesn’t mean I have to stray from my tried, tested and true Pilsner of choice.

Shortly after the event closed its gates we piled onto yet another swampy Streetcar to begin the considerably hazy trip home.  We were down one soldier (Korean) from our initial group – not too bad considering the general insanity of the day.  The weather started to break at this point and we managed to get rained on a bit, but by that point it was a welcome relief.  We swooped into a Thai restaurant to pick up some much need filler on the way home, and then all settled into the couch for an evening of movies, tv and (a little) more beer.  Any aspirations of heading back out into the world for the evening were quickly abandoned. 

Our Sunday started off eerily early, with Andre, Eve and I hitting up a brunch spot at 10am – I guess if you don’t go out on Saturday night, 10am really isn’t that early!  Shortly afterwards they were off on their journey back to Ottawa and my weekend of celebrating was nearing an end. I happily spent the remainder of my Sunday puddled into the couch finishing off the epic first season of Game of Thrones and watching the Ring that evening with the roomies and Officer.

Ithink we can all agree that Nancy’s birthday can officially be retired for the year.  Ahh… 362 days until my 30th, a birthday Month might have to be arranged!


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Off the Beaten Path

In the Spring and Summer I sometimes like to take advantage of the beautiful weather and walk downtown to work.  It also saves me from the wrath of the TTC.   

Depending on the route I take, it can be anywhere from a 5.5 – 6 kilometre journey through the city.  I tried a few different routes last year, but most often would shoot along St. Clair West to Avenue (sometimes meet up with Jillian), head south and then follow Davenport to Bay.  From there I could weave my way south and east to my office, without much ability for fresh routes.  This tried and true path takes just over an hour, and is through busy enough streets that I’m kept fairly entertained with People watching and jogger dodging.

This morning, since I wasn’t meeting Jillian (who is off frolicking in Portugal), I decided to see what route my iPhone suggested.   Apparently, I would be able to cut my journey down to 5.3 kilometres if I headed south on Spadina and veered through Roycroft Park.  Parks – not my favourite places.  Now, those who know me will assume this is because of my general detest for the out-of-doors, but that’s not really the case or at least not the main point.  People get robbed, murdered, raped or just scared out of their wits in Parks.  At least that’s what happens in movies, and on Rescue 911 (WHY did my parents let me watch that when I was a kid?).  Because of this, I have a somewhat intense fear about being in Parks, especially alone.  Please don’t tell the Independent Women’s Council, I might be banned for life.

Roycroft Park, Sir Winston Churchill Park, Glen Edyth Wetlands

A city Built in a Park


I decided to grow some balls this morning and headed into the Park.  I, of course, took some precautionary measures first:  took my earphones out so I couldn’t be snuck up on, took my sunglasses off so I appeared more alert, and had my cellphone in hand.  I was ready for the criminal element to come out of the woods. 

I was happy to see that the path, although very quiet, did actually have some other patrons this morning – two bikers and two joggers.  Although, these other occupants stared at me like I had a third eye.  I guess walking doesn’t count as real exercise to these Alpha-exercisers, so my presence and actions seemed foreign to them.  Or maybe I had something on my face.

In the end, I’m glad I took this detour.  During the short period of time I was actually on the path, I passed through Sir Winston Churchill Park, Glen Edyth Wetlands and the Roycroft Park & Wetlands.  It’s amazing how you can be in a booming Metropolis like Toronto, and can see no evidence of Urban life.  The air was fresh, the scenery was top-notch, and the criminals were either still asleep or actually not there at all!


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Weekend in Review

TTC Subway

Fleeing for the Country - Clearly before Rush Hour!

Huge Beer

Enjoying a 'Holy Grail' of Steam Whistle @ Pub Italia in Ottawa


Jazz and Tillster cooling off in the Pond - shortly before crashing into me and sending me facefirst into the grass

Table Clutter

Previously Mentioned Kitchen Table Clutter

Salmon Dinner

Mmmm... BBQ Salmon and Red Wine Feast




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