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Liquid Diet

No, I’m not talking about Booze (for once).  This week, Eleanor and I decided to impart on a three day Juice Cleanse.  That’s right, three whole days with nothing but LIQUIDS of the gross and green variety.  Actually the juice isn’t all that terrible. 

We ordered our juice from totalcleanse.ca and it was delivered fresh on Sunday night.  For those of you keeping count, it’s only Wednesday now, meaning I’m not quite finished ‘Juicing’ yet.  The program consists of six juice bottles a day that are labelled from 1 to 6, it is child’s play in its simplicity.  Unfortunately, the First, third and last bottles are Green Energy, which looks exactly like Swamp Water as Eleanor pointed out.  The fact of the matter is, it could be a lot worse, it’s mildly palatable, and the other two juices (Lemonade which has some Cayenne, and Very Berry) are quite delicious.

Thus far, I haven’t really been hungry at all.  I’ve been loading up on water and Tea (which thankfully hasn’t had its usual mood effects) in between bottles and making more frequent trips to the Ladies Room, but I really haven’t felt actual hunger.  Big bonus, since I think being hungry would break me like a twig.  I really really really WANT to just eat something though.  Chew, swallow, use a knife and fork, the whole shebang. It’s a bit strange having nothing solid in your diet bar for a few unnecessary chunks in the aforementioned Swamp sludge.

Last night Eleanor and I found ourselves at home early, with nothing planned for the evening. This presented itself as a bit of an issue, as we didn’t have the normal evening activity of preparing and then eating a meal to keep ourselves busy.  We decided to make the most of it and went on a walk down to the Beaches.  Juice number 5 in hand, we took to the streets and weaved our way through roads, soccer games, bikes paths and skate parks until we hit the boardwalk.  It was a lovely evening on the beach so we took a bit of a break and hung out on a bench people watching.

After enjoying a bit of twilight on the beach, we decided to take a different route home along Queen street – big mistake.  While there was a lot more going on to keep our attention, most of the goings on were at restaurants, café’s and pubs.  I was literally daydreaming about having a curry and some beer on a patio.  I was heartbreaking, totally would have been the perfect night to partake in such activities.  Instead, we went home, had some Popcorn tea from Sandy and watched a movie.  We were both seriously considering eating the contents of the tea itself.

Thankfully though, due to extenuating circumstances we are both breaking the cleanse early this evening and finishing up tomorrow morning.  This allows Eleanor to gallivant around at an event with Korean, and for Jillian and I to hit up one of our favourite spots prior to a Musical.  Bring on the chewing!


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