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I’m currently en route to the Beautiful Thousand Islands aboard a VIA rail train, which is the perfect excuse to tell you about Rhonda.

Sometime earlier this year when Jillian and I were aboard a train bound for the same destination, we had a particularly irritating passenger seated directly behind us. She was a talker. Not only could she not keep her damn yap shut, she was actually making multiple work related phone calls all with the exact same message – and all executed at top volume through her shrill high pitched voice. It. Was. Torture.

The volume was irritating. Her voice was nauseating. The use of jargon was phenomenally aggravating. Her repeated conversation was mind numbing.

I stopped being quietly agitated and begun verbalizing my annoyance with her behaviour. Jillian and I were rolling our eyes and giggling everytime she picked up the phone and then I would launch into the entire conversation along with Rhonda – after awhile I had it down word for word. There is no way she didn’t hear us, but she clearly chose to ignore us and continue to intrude on the environment of everyone on board.

I understand that careers can be hectic and that commuting provides a valuable window of opportunity to get ahead – but there is a limit to what you should do on mass transit.

By the time Rhonda got off the train (in Trenton, I believe), Jillian and I had deduced that Sears Travel had been consumed by Thomas Cook Travel – a merger that was not yet public (not that anyone would give a toss). Obviously, Rhonda was having a busy day! From memory, this is what I recall from those damn phone calls:

* Hhhhhhii it’s RRHHonda!

* Are you sitting down?

* Did you dial into the webinar today?

* I’m having packets delivered on Monday, please ensure all employees receive a packet.

* I covered the information within the packet during the webinar, but we also had a deep dive session into best practices for the coming weeks

* Tell your staff not to worry, all question were answered in today’s Webinar and they will receiver their own packet shortly

* Its been a busy day and we are going to need all hands on deck next week

* I’ll circle back next week once you’ve reviewed the contents of the packet with your staff

Everytime I hear the word ‘packet’ now I want to shoot someone.


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