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I’ve Got 99 Problems, and a Hip is Definitely One

What am I, 90? Seriously, who has a bum hip at 31?

To be fair, I was technically born with a bum hip as I suffered from a congenital hip location at birth.  One of our family dogs had a dislocated hip when I was younger, Dad likes to say it “runs in the family” – Hilarious, I’m sure.  Thankfully I was lucky enough to have the Miracle workers at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, led by the Late Great Dr. Robert Salter, ensure I was a fully functional biped.

All seemed well in the joint until last Winter during the beginning of my Half Marathon Training.  All of a sudden I couldn’t put my left boot on – you know that motion when you bring your lower leg up inwards and sideways so its easier to slip on a boot or a sock?  Yup, couldn’t do that. Thankfully with the combo of rest and lots of Physio, Massage and Chiro I was able to finish my training and run my Half Marathon – Hooray!  The immobility seemingly disappeared, but decided to make a reappearance at the end of summer and this time it brought pain and general discomfort with it to the party.

The second round of assaulting my body with all forms of paramedical services alarmingly was of no help – if anything, I seemed to be getting worse.  I trotted off to see a Sports Medicine Doctor and was promptly ordered an MRA – which is just a regular MRI but with a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad needle beforehand.  Hooray Health Canada, I had my free MRI and associated ‘with contrast’ scary needle procedure booked and completed within a month – keeping in mind this isn’t a medically critical issue.   I love Canada.

To jump to the end of the story, it turns out I have a tear in the labrum of my left hip joint.  Sparing you a detailed anatomy lesson: where my leg bone meets my hip bone, there is a soft thingy that helps them connect, its torn.  The tear causes irritation, which causes inflammation, which then irritates and and inflames everything nearby.  Boo.

So that’s pretty much where I am today.  I know there is an issue that might involve surgery, but it requires a very specialized doctor and I’m pretty far down the list of urgency.  Canada is still awesome, but I’m likely not going to hear from the Surgeon to even have a consultation until the summer and the request went back in November.  In the meantime, I get to spend a ton of time with my Physiotherapist (thankfully she’s fun), which means lots of Ass-upuncture (I’ll spare you the photos, this time) and really just hoping the problem will go away on its own.

Oh, and it hurts more when its cold.  I really am 90.

Bonus points: Apparently this is exactly the same injury Lady Gaga had last year and has clearly recovered well from surgery.  I’ll take what I can get.

In unrelated news – I was invited to join in on a preview of a Brand new GoodLife Fitness Club this week as part of a Blogger event and wrote a recap of my experience for the great people of I’m Fit Possible, check it out!  It was a great night and an excellent opportunity to meet up with some other Bloggy Ladies including Sarah from My Mostly Healthy Life, Tara from I’m Fit Possible, and Krysten from The Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail.  We managed to grab a group shot at the end – clearly after I’d switched back into my new winter boots!

Aren't we cute?

Myself, Tara, Krysten & Sarah


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The Final Touches

It has been two weeks since my Half Marathon, pardon the suspense. Spoiler alert: I survived.

The last few days before my Half Marathon I was essentially a bundle of nerves. In lieu of a monologue chronicling my stages of Five Alarm Panic leading up to the start line, here is a photo documentary of the final 36 hours.

The Nervous Smile: Behind that smile I’m actually very nauseous.

The Ice Bath is my friend: or so was my mantra that last week when my hip decided to start acting up.


Glorious Carb Loading: Perfect excuse to try the new Dijon pretzel at Starbucks – the Dijon is baked INSIDE the dough!!


Pampering: Morning Stretch, afternoon Facial and nails. Well deserved luxuries.


The Last Supper: Carb centric Italian feast, delicious!


Breakfast of Champions: not pictured – Vega one smoothie! Fueling like a champ.


And Away we Go!!



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Doctor’s Orders

Well I guess it’s more like Physio’s Order, RMT’s Orders and Chiro’s Orders. It boils down to the same thing though, I’ve been prescribed with a strict regime of no running for the immediate future. This is in thanks to a strain in my left Hip Flexor 😦

Not the best news when your first Half Marathon is five weeks away!

I decided to listen to their advice, at least for now. So I spent the long weekend doing simple mobility and gentle stretching exercises and icing a lot, hoping to speed up the recovery as much as possible. I added alternating cold and hot therapy this morning by lying on the ground with an ice pack for ten minutes then jumping in the hot tub for ten, rinse and repeat.


Not as much fun as it sounds. Especially since I was told by my Chiro not to dilly dally in the hot tub (he’s got me figured out eh?) and you have to end on cold therapy.

Here’s hoping I’m off running again (pun intended) this week – and not just because I’m ignoring professional advice!


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You’ve Changed: St. Patricks Edition

St. Patricks Day weekend was a very different world for me last year – it was my last weekend at the end of a two and a half month stint in Australia, and Tigger was Down Under visiting me for two and a half days of intense tourism and partying prior to us heading off to Asia.  That time frame also marked one of the most unhealthy and sedentary periods of my life.  While I was keen to live a healthy lifestyle when I landed in Oz and ticked the appropriate boxes by joining a gym and doing lots of grocery shopping, all of those plans went out the window when I spent more hours in the office than out of it, and spent most of my leisure time desperate to relax and order room service.  Gross.  I then proceeded to spend 11 days floating around Thailand, never more than 30 feet from my next large bottle of Change or Singha!  One of the best trips of my life, but it was more than time for a reboot when I got home.

Flash forward to St. Patrick’s weekend 2013.  I spent Friday evening and Saturday afternoon catching up with friends, and was in bed both evenings by 11 – sober.  I rose early on St. Patrick’s day and headed downtown to crush a personal best on a chilly 5k organized run.  I definitely imbibed in a few celebratory pints, but spent my evening recovering (from the run, not the pints) on the couch.

Despite the subdued nature of my weekend, I still managed to wear a bit of green and enjoy my own Luck of the Irish – my personal trainer arrived back from Visa Exile on St. Patricks Day! The Irish Sadist and I will be reunited this week – and I’m actually looking forward to the punishing workouts I’m sure he has planned.

A quick pictorial review of my weekend!

New Ritual: Far too much BBQ the day before a Race! Nom Nom Nom.

New Ritual: Far too much BBQ the day before a Race! Nom Nom Nom.

Tigger snapped this at the finish line.  Apparently I run with a serious Angry Face.

Tigger snapped this at the finish line. Apparently I run with a serious Angry Face.

Deceiving Sunny.  It was cold.  Pretty scenic spot for a race though!

Deceivingly Sunny. It was cold. Pretty scenic spot for a race though!


Trying to soak of St. Pat's sunshine through the window

Trying to soak of St. Pat’s sunshine through the window


Recovery Mode.  Prince William was massaging my hips :)

Recovery Mode. Prince William was massaging my hips 🙂






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You’ve Changed

Here I sit once again at Flaunt Boutique in Leslieville, looking like medusa while getting my hair dyed. It’s only been six months since I last had my mop tended to … Jesus.

Last summer was my first visit here and I was instantly thrilled to discover that the both offered wine at inappropriate hours and attempted not to judge me for accepting.

Today is a different story, while wine was still an option I chose a coffee instead – and it was delicious!

Who is this and what happened to Nancy? I know, right? Anywho, I just figured after putting myself to bed at an alarmingly wholesome (and shockingly sober) 10:30pm, rising shortly after the sun to crank out my 8k and having a healthy breakfast – wine just seemed ridiculous. To be fair I have 8 glorious days in the Caribbean aboard the Carnival Breeze on the horizon, turning down a single opportunity for a glass of wine is hardly worthy of sainthood.

New favourite part about this hair salon? There are currently three dogs here! Two little tykes that are ambling around and this pup tied to his owner’s chair
Flaunt Boutique, Canine approved.


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Editor’s Note: I originally titled this ‘Butt-upuncture’, clearly my brain goes to polite before humour.  Who knew?

Sooo this is how I’m spending my lunch on this lovely Tuesday:

Yup, that’s my bum. On the Internet.

Thanks to my Lazy Ass (or “Passive Ass” as my physio calls it) I’m currently receiving acupuncture on my butt (Ok fine, my Gleutes) twice a week. The needles are surprisingly pain free and the little shocks that make my muscles flex really just feel funny and make me giggle.

The things we do for Running.


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Crash Landing

Here I sit on the couch, catching up on some trash TV (the Bachelor double episode week – Drama, Drama Drama! oh and lots of mascara tears) and icing both of my knees.

Knee injury jokes aside, this sucks.

I managed to crash down during a run around Toronto this evening. I had just hit that sweet spot where you remember that you actually like running: My lungs had adjusted to the frosty air and my breathing was under control, I felt strong, my legs were happy in their strides, and it was still light out at six o’clock!!! I was cruising up Jarvis almost at Front st and BAM. Down for the count.

No surprises here really – my relationship with gravity is shaky at best. Plus, you know – I’m only starting to train for a half marathon on Monday, no big deal.


I think the right knee is going to be particularly fetching.


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