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Goodbye Sweet Girl


Our family recently lot one of its most treasured members, Tilley – our Sixteen year old Ginger Wired Haired Fox Terrier. I specify Ginger because her breed is normally Tri-coloured, but she was specifically bred to only be ginger and white . She was definitely a little bit inbred because of it, but in the sweetest sense.

I’ve struggled to post anything about her. There is a bit of a story about how she left us, but I’d prefer to talk about what she meant to us.

It’s pretty heartbreaking, but also thankfully not tragic. Tilley was an amazing pet to me and the rest of my family for half of my life. She really was the sweetest little girl and had a very gentle demeanor, especially around children. She also liked to hump anything that moved and poop on anything that didn’t. Our little girl had a long and happy life, and even outlived two of her Airedale companions. In the last few years she had finally been acting old and was getting rickety – including being mostly deaf and blind. But she still wagged her tail and loved any form of attention. It was a life well lived.

As a happy coincidence, her last day with the family included an overnight stay out on the river in a boat (which she loved) and a great day full of hikes and love. I think she decided that was about as good as it gets and left us with her tail wagging into the sunset.

Truly the most heartbreaking part is seeing how much her buddy Jasper misses her. He just seems at a loss with out his friend – and we all are.

So long old girl, hope you find lots of inappropriate places to poop wherever you are 🙂




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Intruder Alert

Who says Guard cats aren’t a thing?

Prince William was doing the rounds this morning and in place of the usual squirrels, he found the neighbourhood tomcat Bean sitting sentry. He kept an evil eye on Bean and made little angry noises until the much larger feline left the vicinity – presumably of his own volition (just don’t tell Billie that).

Clearly the homestead is safe and sound and we can all sleep well at night.

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My Week with Penny

This past week I’ve had the joy and responsibility of being Auntie Nancy while puppysitting for my sister. Her beautiful little girl, Penny, and I have had a busy week visiting dog parks, the beach and going on a mini road trip to Collingwood!

The two of us are sharing a final cuddle on the couch while Sandy is en route to pick her up. It’s been a wonderful week, but I definitely remember why I only have a cat 🙂

A few shots from a blustery afternoon at Ashbridges Bay


And an evening stroll


This isn’t just a well timed shot – she lay like that for over an hour

This is proof that my “only eat treats on the floor” rule clearly didnt stick

Morning Love

Our final cuddle


I might have to start taking myself for walks 😉


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Sleeping Beauty

Pet owner fail.

This is the blissful sleeping kitty I woke up next to this morning:

Aaannnnndddd this was him, 30 seconds later, after I dropped the phone on him taking that first photo:

Whoops! Good thing he loves me.


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Am I Interrupting?

I was busy going about some chores last night, no doubt providing Prince William with an unsatisfactory amount of attention. I finished doing some laundry and then went to make my bed. I honestly don’t think I realized he was in the room – but after putting on two corners of my fitted sheet and walking around the foot of my bed to finish the job, this happened:


In the two seconds I wasn’t looking, he’d pounced onto the bed and was already wriggling around on his back – likely in his best attempt to reapply cat hair to every corner of my sleeping space.

I particularly enjoy the reticent gaze he’s throwing off – I think he’s just trying to hide a grin.


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Welcome Home

Who says dogs are the only pets that show you love and affection when you get home?  Ok, maybe Prince William’s love is a bit more desperate and demanding, but it still counts!

The Many faces of Prince William the Third:


When is Mom Getting Home?


You’re Home! Its about Damn Time


Quit Taking Photos and Get in Here NOW!


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Cat’s Eye View


While I attempted to quietly make breakfast this AM before heading off to the gym, Prince William decided to join me in the kitchen and serenade me with his special version of Wake The &@$k Up. In an effort to not have him disturb the entire house I scooped him up and he settled in for the process of making scrambled eggs – on my shoulders, of course.

Note: extremely hard to get a photo from behind your own head with a cat perched on your shoulders.

Hopefully Peggy and Tigger don’t mind the extra cat hair in their eggs this morning.

Far be it for me to deny my little angel the attention he demands in the morning, so after dishing out breakfast he also decided to join me at the table and inspect my meal.

I think I’m starting to understand parents that give their children whatever they want just to shut them up. Seriously, I would do almost Anything to stop the incessant racket in the morning!

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