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None Shall Pass

Nothing beats a giant commuting clusterfuck on a Wednesday morning!

While bobbling along on the streetcar this morning, I noticed that the traffic seemed a bit heavy. Shortly after that thought, the streetcar driver came on the horn to first ask everyone near a window to ensure theirs was open and secondly – which really should have been firstly – that something was blocking the road ahead. He then added that if we were in any kind of hurry he would suggest getting off and walking.

Not an awesome sign.

I get off the streetcar and see a chain of other stranded streetcars waiting ahead of me – definitely a sign to try a new route. As I pass through Leslieville and approach the train bridge near Degrassi street (yes, that Degrassi) I see a Fire truck clearly blocking the road.

This set up is clearly blocking the actual issue, and I can’t help but start laughing when I see what the actual problem is. Some silly truck piled high with some metal structures clearly didn’t quite fit. Kudos to the driver for almost making it before his cargo started to fall off.

Sorry for the crap photo, I was laughing and surrounded by uniformed police and firemen – so I was clearly distracted

So here I am, finally on another streetcar route and only lost about 20 minutes, and gained a pile of humid morning sweat. I should have just got to the gym this morning!


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You’ve Changed

Here I sit once again at Flaunt Boutique in Leslieville, looking like medusa while getting my hair dyed. It’s only been six months since I last had my mop tended to … Jesus.

Last summer was my first visit here and I was instantly thrilled to discover that the both offered wine at inappropriate hours and attempted not to judge me for accepting.

Today is a different story, while wine was still an option I chose a coffee instead – and it was delicious!

Who is this and what happened to Nancy? I know, right? Anywho, I just figured after putting myself to bed at an alarmingly wholesome (and shockingly sober) 10:30pm, rising shortly after the sun to crank out my 8k and having a healthy breakfast – wine just seemed ridiculous. To be fair I have 8 glorious days in the Caribbean aboard the Carnival Breeze on the horizon, turning down a single opportunity for a glass of wine is hardly worthy of sainthood.

New favourite part about this hair salon? There are currently three dogs here! Two little tykes that are ambling around and this pup tied to his owner’s chair
Flaunt Boutique, Canine approved.


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What was the Question?


Does it even matter what the question was?

This is the front window of a little butcher/deli/purveyor of meat products near my house called Sausage Partners. Tigger and I were browsing there last fall and giggling about the “meat smell” in the store – the butcher looked up and point blank said “Did you two come to look at my meat?” Thankfully the stream of hysterical giggles seemed not only tolerated but appreciated.

I love my neighbourhood!!


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The Benefits of Cheating

I’m generally a loyal customer when it comes to services. I’ve had the same chiropractor for three years, massage therapist for over seven, dentist my entire life and hairdresser for about fifteen years. Until today.

I’m seated at Flaunt Boutique in Leslieville, nervously awaiting my first appointment with a new stylist. While I feel horrible for cheating on Joseph, driving to Thornhill to get my hair done is ridiculous.

Thankfully, this place already seems to get me – since they offered me a complimentary glass of wine while I wait.

And it’s 10:15am


We’re going to get along just fine.

Regardless of the salon, I will always end up looking like a woolly mammoth-medusa hybrid.



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Today’s Lesson

Since there was some sort of clusterfuck developing on the Queen Streetcar line this AM, I decided to treat myself to a coffee from my favorite local spot. Sadly, Red Rocket is leaving Leslieville in a few weeks thanks to jerky landlords – so an unexpected visit was a bonus.

I had discovered this past weekend that Red Rocket has the menu item ‘Flat White’, which I became so fond of on my trip to Oz – so I ordered a large. Then began a series of banter between the cashier, the barista (baristo? It was a dude), and myself, during which time I discovered why I’d never heard anyone order a large flat white in North America before: It has SIX shots of espresso!

Clearly I didn’t want to admit to the cool coffee shop kids that I’d made an error, especially since they seemed in awe at my caffeine intake prowess. So here I am, on the streetcar, not even a quarter of the way through and I’m practically vibrating. I’m obviously going to finish the whole damn thing too, six espresso shots makes for an expensive drink!!

This should be interesting.


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Lights Out


Thanks to an all evening power outage at the homestead, I spent my few leisure hours this evening at Murphey’s Law having dinner and beer (by the Litre, again) with Peggy and Tigger. Although, I should have been prepping for my dinner party tomorrow night – this was a welcome rest from some recent stress at work.

Also, candlelight is beautiful – even Prince William seems to be enjoying the power failure. Probably not the Beck taxi that just crashed into our neighbors porch and then drove off though – probably not him.



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My Private Chariot

Much to my delight this morning, on my dark unusually early AM ride into the city, I was greeted with a Private vehicle. Well, at least it WAS private from Greenwood to Alton (one stop).

Limos are totally overrated.


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