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Change Management

As our unusual family settles into its new home, a variety of growing pains are popping up for us to manage.  Nothing earth shattering, thankfully, just stuff that represents the learning curve present during a complete change in environment. 

Sound Effects – My room is situated directly below Korean’s room – which is definitely a win considering Tigger’s more prominent late night antics.  However, whenever he’s up and about in his room it honestly sounds like he is throwing boulders at the floor and chasing after them.  Kinda like the Gods are Bowling, but much less delicate.  Its very easy to confirm that he is actually just walking around like a normal human being, making no effort to stomp around like an elephant – but that’s what I’m hearing.  Luckily, it would take riot to wake me up so it’s really not an issue, just more of an observance and a WTF is going on up there? Oh, nothing.  I think this just boils down to me living in an apartment surrounded by concrete for so many years – you’re vaguely aware of the fact that you have people living above you, but you rarely if ever hear them

Neighbours – Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we’re here to stay so we might as well get used to them.  As mentioned previously, one group of our neighbours consists of a colourful and friendly crowd of dog lovers that congregate daily in front of our house to shoot the proverbial shit and allow their dogs to essentially do the same.  No problem there, I love the canine community we moved into.  However, these same neighbours had issue with a little merriment at our home on Saturday evening.  At 11:30.  No biggie, we moved everyone inside and to the back patio (where, coincidentally, we have really cool neighbours) and moved on.  What I wasn’t expecting was the Spanish Inquisition when Eleanor and I returned with our coffees the next morning.  How much apologizing is required when you’re a little loud at 11:30pm on a Weekend?  Next time they are all up on the street at 7am on a Sunday making a racket I’m going to give them a piece of my mind and tell them to bring it from a 10 to a 2.  Although, I’d probably have to set my alarm to wake up and see if they’re out there in the first place – not ideal.

Garbage Days – While I was originally lamenting the idea of having to sort our own garbage and drag it to the curb once a week, the reality is much less irritating then expected.  The biggest bonus is that our garbage, recycling and green bin are stored like two feet from the curb, so the dragging aspect is really irrelevant.  I do, however, think that the city should give you a few freebie days right after a move when you’re allowed to put out as much garbage and recycling as you have.  Oh well, 400 Walmer Road is serving as our dump these days.  Take that Vertica Resident Services.  One glorious thing that came from this week’s pick up is the discovery that one of our Garbage men is wildly attractive.  I think I’m going to conveniently be on my porch in a revealing outfit next Tuesday at 8:40am with a come hither look on my face.   With my luck though I’d get a whistle from his much older, much creepier partner.  A girl can dream though, can’t she?

Overall, the Good things about our New Home are amazing, and the Bad are just slightly irritating or unusual.  I think we picked a winner!


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Anxiety 101

I’ll admit that I’m a pretty high strung person at the best of times.  I normally just describe myself as vibrating at a very high frequency – my normal is someone else’s crazy.  However, this whole move thing has been pushing my buttons and sending my nerves into high alert.  The last thing I needed to do was make it worse!

After a wonderful weekend attending a wedding with Korean in small town Ontario, I returned to the apartment and set right into packing mode.  I flicked on the TV to have some background noise, and started to watch an episode of Hoarders – and then two more episodes since it was a marathon stretch before the new season premier.  As it turns out, this is a terrible combination of events! 

During this three hour stretch my chest was getting tight, I was developing short breath and my packing was becoming erratic and unorganized – not my usual M.O.  I guess watching people with serious hoarding issues, that have to walk around piles of ‘stuff’ that has essentially turned their house into a maze while trying to pack up a lifetime worth of stuff and navigating through your own maze of full/empty boxes is maybe not so good for the psyche.  I actually had to give myself a time out.  I’m sure my heart rate was abnormally high, and I appeared both flushed and clammy.  After some quick Wikipedia research, it appears as though I was in the beginning stages of a Panic attack.  Awesome.

Once I realized where my anxiety was coming from (not my own apartment or packing tasks, as this is pretty well under control), I flicked the channel to watch Knocked Up, took a ten minute breather and could feel my mind centring.  I find it quite funny thinking about how beside myself I was, and how frenetic my actions would have seemed to a casual observer.  I clearly shouldn’t watch Hoarders ever again – especially when my life is in complete disarray!

Nancy in overdrive is a scary thought!


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Little Miss Chatterbox, at Your Service

I’m a fast talker at the best of time.  I also mumble – which is a terrible combination.  In my defence, I understand myself just fine, why can’t anyone else? Actually, Tigger understands me perfectly, but I think that’s because we’ve developed our own language that relies heavily on body language and facial expression – not so much words.  Needless to say, if I’m nervous or uncomfortable, my rate of speech skyrockets and the sheer amount of content I can cover is dumbfounding. 

 I was at an event the other night and spied a tall, dark and handsome type chatting with a friend of mine, so I slowly sidled up and joined in on the conversation. Problem is, since I thought he was cute, and appeared to be shy, it wasn’t really a conversation anymore as it was me continuously talking at him.  I only allow for a few seconds of silence before barrelling into a new topic, arms flailing while trying to keep up with the appropriate gestures.  Tigger would have been beside himself, as I had to stop about 20 times to catch my breath – an act that he thinks I carry out to emphasize a point, when really I’ve just talked myself breathless.

In a fifteen minute ‘conversation’ I managed to cover the following topics:

  •  My entire Career, including my time spent in India and being trapped in England last year during the Icelandic Volcano episode
  • My complete history with the United Way, with a long segue into my feelings about a particular event
  • My upcoming move, including how much I hate Vertica Resident Services
  • My complete friendship history with the one person we have in common
  • Bank Holidays

Now, I should mention there were two other people in this conversation that both know me, so they were helping to carry forward the discussion topics.  I wasn’t purposely steering the conversation, but I was the largest common denominator and clearly the biggest mouth in the group.

Mr. Handsome did manage to get a few words in, and I definitely confirmed he is either the Strong, silent type or just a wee bit shy.  So pretty much, we’re polar opposites.  I always wonder how that type of person processes someone like me.  Do I appear to be having some sort of seizure? Maybe I come across as incredibly confident and just have a lot to say) unlikely! I probably just appear to be a bit of a spaz and a Chatterbox, guess that’s not so bad.  He actually appeared to be genuinely interested in chatting (er.. listening) but I was preoccupied with filling the airwaves with my baritone chitchat.  

 A similar situation happened last night when I was talking on the phone with Tigger.  While standing outside of a restaurant, an extremely good looking man walked by with quite possibly the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen.  I’m sure I said something along the lines of ‘OMGTHATSTHECUTESTPUPPYIVEEVERSEEN’ and then hung up the phone.  I asked if could say hello to his dog, and then barrelled forward into many statements about the cuteness of this puppy, what I know about the breed, friends that have a similar dog, and finally asking him how he manages to get anywhere with people like me stopping him all the time?   I managed to accidentally answer a call from Korean during this time, and hang up on him as well!

It was only after I’d said goodbye and hustled back into the restaurant that I processed the fact that they very cute Dog Owner was actually being very friendly, and didn’t seem thrown at all by my spazzy approach to him and his pup.  I didn’t even introduce myself or ask his name, but I did get the pups name, age & breed.  Jesus.


You'd hang up on people too if you saw this little Miss!

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The Avenue of Misfit Toys

My Housemates and I ventured into Leslieville to see our new place last night – the first of two negotiated viewings prior to our move date.  The old owners have moved out, yahoo!! So we have a much better idea of what condition the place is in, and it was much easier to measure and sort out if my over stuffed and textured (read: Prince William’s claw marks) couches would actually fit in the living room.  Surprisingly, the place was pretty clean, except for the icky grease mark on my Bedroom wall.  I’m just going to go ahead and assume the previous owners had greasy hair – gross.  Our friend, we’ll call him Officer, came to take a tour as well and show us the ropes around the neighbourhood afterwards.

We spent the hour racing up and down the stairs, giddly talking about everything and periodically managing to measure a few things.  I, clearly, spent a disproportionate amount of time in my oversized walk-in Closet. Swoon.  Despite my best attempt at making a list of things to do while we were there, I managed to totally neglect to measure a pile of things and was appropriately berated by my Mother for doing so.  It’s really hard to focus with you’re that excited, ok!?

While we were all gathered in Korean’s room, admiring his Juliet Balcony, we noticed a gathering of neighbours and their four legged friends down on our street below.  We bolted down the stairs to introduce ourselves – Who am I kidding? We wanted to meet the dogs. Once outside we were greeted by four of our soon to be neighbours, and six of their canine companions. 

To describe the group as colourful would be the understatement of the century.  The flock included a Hipped out Lady Lover (really? You named your dogs Sun and Moon?), a Pre (or Post?)-Op Transexual in desperate need of some fashion advice, and two peculiar gentlemen, one of whom may have battled with an injection drug habit. Wacky social misfits though they may be, they were nothing if not welcoming and friendly – even suggesting a block Tea party, though I think we missed some sort of inside joke about cake.   Officer coined it best, after we had left the group, by describing them as the Misfit Toys from Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  A description of a group of neighbours has never before been more accurate. 

Apparently, we have been the talk of the town, and they were eagerly awaiting meeting us.  Actually, I’m pretty sure they saw us go into the house and arranged the street gathering as an opportune time to introduce themselves.  They had already deduced that we weren’t the usual two person pair, but had misjudged the relationships between the three of us.  However, they did correctly assume that I was single – what the hell?! Is it impossible for anyone to assume otherwise, even strangers?  I blame Tigger. Anyway, they promised to update everyone.

We stuck around and chatted for a bit, joking about my new found House Husbands and eventually parted ways.  It appears as though we have a busy and friendly street to look forward too, and lots of four legged friends to play fetch with.  To be fair, our little Modern Family has its own place in a world of Misfit Toys, so I think we’ve truly found our home. If all else fails, we can just start using the back entrance 😉


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