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Change Management

As our unusual family settles into its new home, a variety of growing pains are popping up for us to manage.  Nothing earth shattering, thankfully, just stuff that represents the learning curve present during a complete change in environment. 

Sound Effects – My room is situated directly below Korean’s room – which is definitely a win considering Tigger’s more prominent late night antics.  However, whenever he’s up and about in his room it honestly sounds like he is throwing boulders at the floor and chasing after them.  Kinda like the Gods are Bowling, but much less delicate.  Its very easy to confirm that he is actually just walking around like a normal human being, making no effort to stomp around like an elephant – but that’s what I’m hearing.  Luckily, it would take riot to wake me up so it’s really not an issue, just more of an observance and a WTF is going on up there? Oh, nothing.  I think this just boils down to me living in an apartment surrounded by concrete for so many years – you’re vaguely aware of the fact that you have people living above you, but you rarely if ever hear them

Neighbours – Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we’re here to stay so we might as well get used to them.  As mentioned previously, one group of our neighbours consists of a colourful and friendly crowd of dog lovers that congregate daily in front of our house to shoot the proverbial shit and allow their dogs to essentially do the same.  No problem there, I love the canine community we moved into.  However, these same neighbours had issue with a little merriment at our home on Saturday evening.  At 11:30.  No biggie, we moved everyone inside and to the back patio (where, coincidentally, we have really cool neighbours) and moved on.  What I wasn’t expecting was the Spanish Inquisition when Eleanor and I returned with our coffees the next morning.  How much apologizing is required when you’re a little loud at 11:30pm on a Weekend?  Next time they are all up on the street at 7am on a Sunday making a racket I’m going to give them a piece of my mind and tell them to bring it from a 10 to a 2.  Although, I’d probably have to set my alarm to wake up and see if they’re out there in the first place – not ideal.

Garbage Days – While I was originally lamenting the idea of having to sort our own garbage and drag it to the curb once a week, the reality is much less irritating then expected.  The biggest bonus is that our garbage, recycling and green bin are stored like two feet from the curb, so the dragging aspect is really irrelevant.  I do, however, think that the city should give you a few freebie days right after a move when you’re allowed to put out as much garbage and recycling as you have.  Oh well, 400 Walmer Road is serving as our dump these days.  Take that Vertica Resident Services.  One glorious thing that came from this week’s pick up is the discovery that one of our Garbage men is wildly attractive.  I think I’m going to conveniently be on my porch in a revealing outfit next Tuesday at 8:40am with a come hither look on my face.   With my luck though I’d get a whistle from his much older, much creepier partner.  A girl can dream though, can’t she?

Overall, the Good things about our New Home are amazing, and the Bad are just slightly irritating or unusual.  I think we picked a winner!


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Finally, the move is over. After a month of pre-move packing and prep, a day of self-moving, an eight hour marathon move with the professionals and five days of configuring and unpacking, we’re in. Official residents of Leslieville, woohoo!

The new house was an absolute maze of boxes this past weekend, pretty much an anxiety ridden nightmare. However, box by box, the character of our new home is starting to reveal itself, and we’ve definitely reached a liveable stage. Now comes the fun of nesting into our much larger home.

After all the purging I’ve done of my not so coveted possessions before, during and after the big move, combined with the enormity of my new closet and the addition of a triplet to my dresser collection – you’d think I’d be drowning in extra space. You’d think wrong. Even removing the Closet from the equation, I have an additional 4 drawers to my previous 9 drawer capacity – all of which are now full, and I have yet to unpack all of my clothing. Upon reviewing my drawer layout, I can’t for the life of me figure out how it all fit into only two dressers before. Granted, one (ONE!) drawer has currently been repurposed for excess toiletries and primping essentials but that hardly solves the mystery.

Clearly, I have Goldfish Tendancies – I expand to (and beyond) the area in which I inhabit. I’m almost certain that if I had the whole home to myself, I would find a way to fill every room (eventually) and continue to lament my lack of space. I must be exactly the type of person Blaise Pascal was referring to when he said “The problem with Western man is that he does not know how to be content in an empty room.” I’m neither a man, nor a ‘he’, but story still applies. Empty rooms or extreme minimalism makes me nervous. So does large amounts of cheese, but that’s another story.

The good news is that I’m still happily removing clutter from my little existence and slowly finding my own feng shui in my new space. The plush fuscia chair and the huge Zebra photograph are definitely helping.


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Me Time

Despite how busy I am with preparing for the upcoming move (moving? What, I haven’t mentioned that? Oh right, I did: here, here, here, here, here, and here) I am still making sure to schedule in some selfish Nancy time. Today alone I will be visiting my waxing specialist and meeting up with Eleanor and Peggy to have our feet pampered, prior to heading out to a wonderful restaurant to celebrate Eleanor’s birthday. I’ve also managed to book in a Reflexology session for tomorrow afternoon – scheduled right before an evening meeting I am dreading at work. I figure this way I will be as serene as possible leading into the terrors that Friday and Saturday will bring. Well, serene might not be the right word, but at least I’ll be mentally and physically prepared in my own way.

If ‘me time’ is considered a selfish endeavour, then I’m one of the most selfish people I know. I’m nothing if not religious in scheduling various appointments to keep up with both maintenance and pure luxury activities. My massage therapist knows my life story and when I told him I was moving, he asked genuinely if I was breaking up with him – of course not, he’s far too good looking. Pedicures, Waxing, Massages, Facials and the odd foot treatment are mandatory maintenance in my opinion. Am I wrong? Thankfully, I’m such a tyrant with my own schedule that it’s not difficult for me to maintain my plethora of engagements. Juggling activities is practically a hobby of mine.

While fretting about the consequences of all my Me time this week when I really should just be packing, it got me thinking about all the extra time and money I would have on my hands if I were, well, lower maintenance. Tigger, for example, gets a $15 dollar hair cut and .. well that’s about it. While I may only get my hair done a maximum of three times a year, it costs me $160 bucks a pop! Meanwhile, I’m loyal to my Stylist from my hometown, so I have to add on two hours of lost travel time every time I need a cut and colour. Now maybe it isn’t fair to compare my own needs with that of a male, but I can’t help but wonder what I’d look like and how I’d feel if I cut all of these little indulgences out of my life. To be honest though, I don’t feel like much of my needs are hyperbolized:

  • Going to the Massage therapist monthly and the Chiro bi-monthy, helps my posture and my general feeling of well being
  • Getting 2-3 facials a year keeps me looking fresh and wards off a plethora of strange skin issues I’m prone to
  • Having my feet buffed and polished helps distract me from how much they hurt the rest of the time
  • Waxing.. well, ok, that’s just a preference

If asked, I would describe myself as Medium Maintenance, but maybe I’m just blind to the amount of maintenance that I consider necessary compared to the next girl? Is it possible that I’ve turned into one of those god awful high maintenance women that are general pain to be around? Well, maybe, but a hot dog and cold can of beer would still make an enjoyable date. So, maybe not.


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The De-Clutter Saga Continues

So I’ve really dug in and started packing as of this past weekend, and continued last night.  As I mentioned in my last post, packing my least needed things first is leaving chaos and destruction in my wake – my room currently looks like it’s been hit by a bomb.  Also, we are storing our packed boxes in our locker and keeping empty ones in the apartment, so the living room is starting to grow new walls built out of currently empty boxes – we’re living in a messy maze.  I’m hoping this new claustrophobic aspect of our living space will encourage everyone to fill the boxes and transfer them to the locker asap (hint, hint Eleanor and Tigger!).

Part of the mess creation, I believe, is that I’m really trying to crack down on keeping unnecessary things.  Instead of just taking something out of a drawer and placing it in a box (of the rinse, lather, repeat variety), I am taking something out and examining it’s worth to my existence.  This is a bit of a process, and an interesting (albeit time consuming) walk down memory lane.  To add insult to injury, I have inherited my Maternal Grandmother’s habit of squirreling things away, inside other things, wrapped in something else, boxed inside another thing, etc. – similar to the way the Russian Nesting Dolls fit into each other, but with a lot less rhyme and reason.  Not only does this make it harder to sort out what I actually have, but trying to break myself of this habit while packing is impossible as the very logic behind packing is fitting things into other things, and then into other things.  You get the drill.

Case in point: my Memory Box.  At some point between University and moving out on my own, I decided that I would buy a small Rubbermaid bin that would serve as my one place for unnecessary, but sentimental things.  It’s a veritable cornucopia of all things Nancy.  Some of the contents include:

  • A sampling of Ribbons and Medals from my Equestrian days (I used to have so many of these, I wonder if I just tossed the rest? Good job Nancy, regardless)
  • A collection of my writings from elementary school up until my OAC English paper – 50%, why the hell am I keeping that?
  • A Calculus Exam from OAC. You’d keep it too if you got 100%! I keep this as a reminder than I can be one hell of a smarty pass if I give a toss about something.
  • Various Birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter cards – this collection used to be much larger, but now only includes a few from each of my grandparents and other cherished family members.  These are irreplaceable in my mind.
  • Possibly every certificate I’ve ever received.  One for Earth Day participation, one for getting Screeched In during my visit to Newfoundland, my Smoke Free class of 2001 certificate (ha!), and my Highschool Diploma.  Definitely no favouritism shown to the higher hitting honourable mentions, as they are all lumped into one envelope (which is also inexplicably kept in a folder, inside the box)
  • Diaries.  Several of these.  I was never very good at keeping them, so there isn’t a whole lot of content, but still fun to flip through.
  • A plethora of Travelling memories – museum tickets, maps, flyers, airport signs etc.  Garbage to some, key memory triggers to me.
  • Postcards and Letters from my friends and family. I can’t throw these out, they’re too much fun to read over and over.

The nature of the things in this box isn’t necessarily the problem, it’s the 18 different methods of storing and organizing each type of memory inside the box that makes sorting and organizing a bit of a nuisance.  I’ve tried to sort this collection out before, but inevitably (as was the case last night) I give up and just shove it all back in.  Something tells me that without the folders, clips, boxes, elastics and plastic bags used to ‘organize’ my stuff inside this box, I would be able to keep a whole lot more of it.  But I guess that isn’t the point.  

Truth be told though, my Memory box is hardly the only place I keep this kind of stuff.  I have another Rubbermaid bin full of my Yearbooks from Elementary School, High School and University (yes, my University had Yearbooks, exactly like High School ones).  Even more of this stuff can be found tucked away in any number of places in my room.  It’s a flawed system. 

I really do need to develop better methods of storing and organizing things, but I’m thinking that particular job will be saved for once I’m actually moved into the new place – and whenever Jillian has time to help!  For now, making daily trips to the garbage, recycling, and donation box is a sure sign of progress!


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Nancy = Homeowner

I bought a house!!! Well actually WE bought a house – we being my two friends Tigger and Korean (not actually of Korean descent), and myself!

So excited – its all so unreal.  I’m an unravelling, big ball of basket-caseyness.  Thusly, this is the length and breadth of my post for the day – must go simmer in the afterglow. AND have lunch with Jillian.


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