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Days Since I Last Fell on my Butt: Zero

Well that was a good run. My historically complicated relationship with gravity has returned, literally with a bang.

After an evening out with friends in Montreal I was scurrying down the stairs of the bar to leave and completely wiped out – my friends actually heard me fall from outside. Ouch.

Thankfully I appear more bruised than broken!

Apparently I then decided to apply extreme caution on our snowy walk back to the hotel by walking at an absolute snails pace. My friend Andre kindly offered to give me a piggy back ride (though not as selfless as it sounds, I was a barrier to poutine consumption), which is something I seem to have forgotten from childhood. I completely failed on my end of the piggy – I apparently just hugged his back thinking that was sufficient and when my friends tried to encourage me to jump up to the proper carrying position my tiny hops were hilariously inefficient.

So they resorted to pushing me along while I disapprovingly muttered “Too fast, too fast, too fast.” I’m such a treat when I’m over served.

In other news, I think this really is the height of fashion.

20131222-155013.jpg I love the balls the on the forehead look – those Montrealers know style.



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Fancy Nancy: Star of the Show


I was having a conversation with Jillian today that reminded me of a story from my Childhood.

My Elementary school put on a yearly show at a local theatre, showcasing all the “talent” of its student body.  I seem to recall that there were some Choirs, Dance groups and likely a few acts from the school’s Drama Club.  In one of my earlier years (can’t remember if it was Kindergarten or Grade One), I was in the Folk Dancing club and was very excited for my first on stage performance.  Being that most of the dancers were 5 or 6, we didn’t have proper dance attire, but our look for the show was jeans or a jean skirt and a top.  Adorable and easy.

For some reason, I took it upon myself to refuse to wear my own jean skirt and insist on wearing one of my Sister’s – all I can remember is that it was darker, which I guess I preferred. The fashion police were after me at a young age, I suppose. The skirt itself was fine in theory, but given that my sister was three years older than me and we were both on the small size of our own age groups, it was definitely too big.  I’m sure I fussed enough and demonstrated that it would be fine (which it wasn’t), so Mom gave in and let me wear it.  Later in life I’m sure a therapist will note examples like this as cause for my incessant need to have things go my way.

The skirt alone would have led to an amusing scene, but that was not enough for young Nancy.  You see, I had these white gloves that I was just dying to wear.  Seriously, white gloves. I’m not even sure why I had these, or if my Mom even knew I took them to the recital with me, but I had them and they most definitely ended up on stage.

Regardless of the little details, it ended like this: In a group of kids where I otherwise would have just been another bobbling dancer, staring at the other kids in order to remember the next move, I was the one random little girl wearing white gloves and stopping ever third or fourth step to pull up my skirt.

Star of the show, and I didn’t even know it.  I’m sure its moments like these that make Elementary School recitals bearable for the crowd – comic relief and all.  You’re welcome.


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Wardrobe Malfunction 2.0

While not as near-tragic as my button pop incident in Fremantle, Western Australia – today’s Wardrobe Malfunction was no less irritating.

My day was carrying along smoothly, when I felt a familiar tickle run down my leg – WTF? For seemingly no reason while minding my own business and sitting at my desk a GIGANTIC run took over the right leg of my stockings.  My black stockings.

In the interest of not looking like I just returned from a rough night out while I was at the office, I opted for ditching my stockings in the bathroom and going for the awkward white legs in late October look instead. The things we do for fashion 🙂

Not Obvious, right?

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Fashion Blog Attempt

I love fashion, I really do – but I can be crap at it. However, I love my backless shirt and turquoise heels outfit – despite the lackluster photo!


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The 80’s Called

The 80s Called

.. and apparently they want their everything back. How the hell did they get my number? No, really.

 I really don’t think I’m that bad (Tigger would disagree), but I definitely have a penchant for most 80’s fashion, music, and children’s cartoons.  Fraggle Rock anyone?  I have more legwarmers then I care to admit, love neon and animal print, and am going through a serious Hall and Oates phase.  The one thing I don’t really have is the hair, or the shoulder pads – but seriously, those don’t look good any females.

Risky BusinessIn fashion, it’s common knowledge that many ‘new’ fashion trends are just the re-emergence of the fashion of a by gone era.  So in practice, many things that were once cool in the 80’s really are in again.  Ray Bans anyone?  The infamous Wayfarer worn by Tom Cruise in Risky Business is pretty much ubiquitous these days.  Same goes for Leggings, Oversized tops and Large Jewellery (especially earrings).  This is definitely not just my own preference, although I maybe latch onto the specific decade more than others.

Thinking about my 80s obsession got me wondering about other (more terrible) fashion trends from the past, and if they will ever make a resurgence:

Pacifier Necklaces It’s possible that the Raver community still sports these, but let’s be honest, Ravers don’t count.

Rat-tails – Well, Layfaette on True Blood seems to have one, and he is nothing if not Fashion Forward for Cross-Dresser from the Deep South.  *Eyebrow Raise*

Backwards Clothing – Thank you, Kriss Kross, for this little embarrassing nugget of 90’s fashion history.

Velour Track Suits – Really? I would maybe forgive this as ‘laze around the house’ clothes, maybe.  I’m looking at you, Jessica Simpson.

Crocs/Uggs – I realize these two types of footwear are both very different and unfortunately still very apparent in today’s street wear.  Shame on you all.

Did I miss any big offenders?


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