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Goodbye Sweet Girl


Our family recently lot one of its most treasured members, Tilley – our Sixteen year old Ginger Wired Haired Fox Terrier. I specify Ginger because her breed is normally Tri-coloured, but she was specifically bred to only be ginger and white . She was definitely a little bit inbred because of it, but in the sweetest sense.

I’ve struggled to post anything about her. There is a bit of a story about how she left us, but I’d prefer to talk about what she meant to us.

It’s pretty heartbreaking, but also thankfully not tragic. Tilley was an amazing pet to me and the rest of my family for half of my life. She really was the sweetest little girl and had a very gentle demeanor, especially around children. She also liked to hump anything that moved and poop on anything that didn’t. Our little girl had a long and happy life, and even outlived two of her Airedale companions. In the last few years she had finally been acting old and was getting rickety – including being mostly deaf and blind. But she still wagged her tail and loved any form of attention. It was a life well lived.

As a happy coincidence, her last day with the family included an overnight stay out on the river in a boat (which she loved) and a great day full of hikes and love. I think she decided that was about as good as it gets and left us with her tail wagging into the sunset.

Truly the most heartbreaking part is seeing how much her buddy Jasper misses her. He just seems at a loss with out his friend – and we all are.

So long old girl, hope you find lots of inappropriate places to poop wherever you are 🙂




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My Week with Penny

This past week I’ve had the joy and responsibility of being Auntie Nancy while puppysitting for my sister. Her beautiful little girl, Penny, and I have had a busy week visiting dog parks, the beach and going on a mini road trip to Collingwood!

The two of us are sharing a final cuddle on the couch while Sandy is en route to pick her up. It’s been a wonderful week, but I definitely remember why I only have a cat 🙂

A few shots from a blustery afternoon at Ashbridges Bay


And an evening stroll


This isn’t just a well timed shot – she lay like that for over an hour

This is proof that my “only eat treats on the floor” rule clearly didnt stick

Morning Love

Our final cuddle


I might have to start taking myself for walks 😉


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My Heart Grew 3 Sizes That Day

I may be a bit of a Grinch about the holidays, but if these two don’t melt your heart I don’t know what would.



Happy Holidays from Old Lady Tills, Jazzman and the rest of the Francis Family 🙂

(although Papa Bear and Sandy are still en route home…)

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Weekend in Review

TTC Subway

Fleeing for the Country - Clearly before Rush Hour!

Huge Beer

Enjoying a 'Holy Grail' of Steam Whistle @ Pub Italia in Ottawa


Jazz and Tillster cooling off in the Pond - shortly before crashing into me and sending me facefirst into the grass

Table Clutter

Previously Mentioned Kitchen Table Clutter

Salmon Dinner

Mmmm... BBQ Salmon and Red Wine Feast




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