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Bring on the Chewing and Swallowing!

So the Juice Cleanse is officially over.  Well.. I do have one more juice left, but that’s kind of a long story.  Anywho, how do I feel? Pretty good.  Would I do it again? Probably not.  I say that not because I don’t think it was beneficial, or that I hated every minute of it (although that contains a grain of truth), I just think there are ways more suited to me to cleanse my system.  Although, since it was only three days, it’s pretty low on the commitment scale and not bad for a quick fix.

I really really really missed eating.  It’s a very strange feeling to do nothing but drink liquids all day, and to be honest, it feels very unnatural.  Now, I can’t really say I went the whole three days without eating, both Eleanor and I had a speed bump along the way and actually had solid foods for our dinner last night.  I didn’t exactly go balls to the wall and grab a burger and fries – instead I went to Fresh with Jillian and gorged on Sweet Potato fries and a Vegetarian Burrito.  I’m such a rebel.

The 3 Day aspect is actually a little bit misleading as well, since it sounds as though you can complete a full cleanse in three days – lies.  The Totalclease.ca material suggests that you start with a three day pre-cleanse diet where you essentially cut out everything except for Fish, veggies and fruits.  After your Juicing, they suggest not just jump right back off the wagon but maintaining a mostly fruit and veg diet for up to five days.  Obviously, this all makes sense, as it helps to get some toxins out of your system beforehand so the cleanse can do its magic, and keeps the benefits around longer afterwards.  Big Fail for me however, since I was drinking like a sailor at our housewarming on Saturday and picked up a buttered bagel and coffee this morning. Oh well, the 2.5 days of just juice I’m sure still had its benefits.  Right?

I’m still a firm believer in the idea of cleansing, even though it’s a controversial topic.  Obviously there are huge benefits for people with digestion and food sensitivity issues, which is totally not the case for me. I think it’s a bit like exercising, you’re supposed to throw a variety of different workouts and routines at your body to keep everything guessing right?  This helps to ensure that your muscles and body don’t just react to one set of predicted challenges.  Cleansing is similar in a way, in that it provides your body with a new ordeal to work though.  Although, I guess the same could be said of binge drinking or sustaining a diet of all fast food meals.  Clearly, I’m not a Nutritionist.

Let’s be fair – I, along with many people I know, are pretty terrible to their bodies sometimes, I think a periodic overhaul isn’t out of the question 🙂  But maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment?


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