Euro Nails

I take my nail care fairly seriously – especially on vacation. While I normally aim for obnoxiously loud neons, I do sometime prefer a more muted shade.

Enter my new theory for European Vacation Nails:


Most vacations I go with the brighter the better (ie this post), but for my recent trip to Ireland I went with a combo of medium grey with a few gold shimmer accent nails – because glitter is fun. The manicure lasted for way longer than normal and just seemed the perfect match for our road tripping adventures.

That brings us to today, and my next trip – Amsterdam and Istanbul. This trip seemed like the perfect occasion to go with my grey gold combo!

See Neighbour? I do wear grey polish!

At the airport about to fly (at the front of the bus, ahem) off to Europe. For the third time this year, yay me!! Im other news, I’m a spoiled little brat.



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2 responses to “Euro Nails

  1. Kat

    Solid choice. A neutral, goes with anything, and the gold gets the party going. Bon voyage! Bitch.

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