I think the majority of people that know me casually as acquaintances, or maybe even some of my closer friends, might not realize I’m a bit of a shoe hoarder.  Or maybe they do and I’m just in complete denial.

Honestly, I tend to wear the same pair of shoes for weeks on end, only changing when an outfit or circumstance demands it.  Case in point, my burgeoning annual flip flop tan. I find that I will buy a cheap pair of flats and wear them religiously until they have to be tossed out, and all winter I live in one pair of boots.

While I tend to jaunt around in only a handful of shoes annually, I am actually the proud owner of a veritable harem of shoes.  I refuse to get into specifics, but we are possibly closing in on the triple digits if you count flops and running shoes. Due to this… umm…  collection, my Mother has been referring to me as Imelda for years. (Quick History lesson if you’re unaware of Ms. Marcos, or her thousand pair shoe collection)

I’ve decided recently that due to my apparent lack of interest In actually wearing the majority of my shoes, I should likely dispose of at least some of them. Contenders for orphaning:

Dinner Shoes – these include a large quantity of shoes that I simply can’t actually transport myself around in as the heels are just too high. I can basically only wear them to dinner with a short jaunt to/from the car or the bathroom and a very moderate amount of standing.

Size 9? – at some point I decided that I was a size 9. I am not, but I have a plethora of shoes meant for someone else’s feet.

Day vs Night – there was a period of time when I was buying multiples of the exact same shoe. I now have boxes and boxes of identical pairs with some labelled ‘Day’ and others labeled ‘Night’. Upon inspection the Night notation seems to indicate that the shoes are best suited for night time drinking antics – but honestly most of these are so battered up I wouldn’t even wear them on the back deck let alone in public.

What the Hell was I Thinking? – Silver and Black lace booties with ankle cut outs, really? Oh and the 5 inch maroon stilettos – I can’t even wear those sitting down.

While I’ve made the aforementioned observations regarding shoes to rid myself of, I’ve yet to actually get around to doing anything about it. Baby Steps.

In related news, my office recently moved to a new location so I needed to slowly clear my desk of the 9 year build up of crap it contained prior to the actual move. Our new office has less storage space so we had been encourage to purge. I finished purging and packing business related items a few weeks in advance and then decided to address my remaining personal items – including a wicker basket under my desk. Apparently, even though I had brought some home, thrown some out and given some away I still had thirteen pairs of shoes at my desk!


A few of these gems get some air time sporadically, but some I honestly forgot I owned. Given that people were telling me that 13 pairs was unreasonable to store at work – I posted that photo to Facebook and the most astounding responses were from other Women! – I set to reviewing my collection to see which pair would make the move. After some humming and hawing a dropped a pair off at Goodwill, gave a pair to a friend and took another to the shoe menders. Huzzah! Down to 10 pairs! And they even have a lovely new home in a filing cabinet:


Life is so unfair – so many pretty shoes to wear, and only two feet 🙂



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2 responses to “Imelda

  1. Kat

    Brad was complaining about the amount of footwear I own too. I didn’t dare tell him about my storage annex at work. Mine are in a filing cabinet too…seems so undignified! I hope those print ones are in heavy rotation. They’re awesome!

    • I thought the filing cabinet was a brilliant move (stole the idea from a coworker) – it’s so much easier to review my shoes and hopefully not forget about some of them like I used too!

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