Autocorrect never ceases to amuse me in all it’s various permutations.

The Common Autocorrect
Correcting a misspelling by replacing with an incorrect word:
• Accidentally telling your boss you’re “in bed with a nasty clown“.
• My friend D told me she was rioting and was subsequently really confused when I replied with “Damn the man save the Empire!” Oohhh she meant to say she was tutoring

The Switcheroo
Similar to above, but this tends to happen when you’ve completed a word and spelt it correctly – Autocorrect tries to make you more efficient by helping you select a more commonly typed word instead:
• How many times to you end up saying good instead of food?
• I’m sick of telling people to “duck off”

The How Did It Know?
Ever type a few letters and are shocked that your phone seems to know exactly what you were going to type?
• Try typing sphygmomanometer.

The It’s Your Own Damn Fault
Don’t blame Autocorrect this time, fat thumbs.
• “I’m so excited for the weekend :(” your phone isn’t forcing you to be sad, you are

And Finally, my favourite The Inexplicable Capitalization
POUTINE. I’m not yelling, my phone just always capitalizes POUTINE.

Clearly, my phone and I have a very deep connection.


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