That Moment: When you grab your coffee and breakfast sandwich off the counter at Starbucks – and a random hot guy points at you and says “Sausage?!”


So clearly I went on the (thankfully internal) offensive assuming he was calling me fat. I mumble nasty thoughts mixed with general embarrassment under my breath and my cheeks swell to a lovely crimson shade.

Then I have a realization.

Rrriiiiggghhhhhtttt. The sandwich. He wanted to verify which one I took – Check. And I ran off like a weirdo.

Jumping to conclusions should be an Olympic sport.



Filed under Events in Review, Funny Ha-Ha, How Embarrassing

3 responses to “Sausage!

  1. Helllllooooo! Long time no chat!
    I hope things are well with you! in other news, I love the word sausage! How is the sadist these days? xo Tara

    • I know! I’ve been in hiding (otherwise known as drunk on patios or actually to busy at work to read my favourite blogs!). Sadist is fab – just signed up for another year 🙂 you? Signed up for Tough Mudder yet?

  2. Kat

    Be glad he wasn’t pointing elsewhere

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