Reminder: Wear Pants

Don’t you just hate pants? I know I do – as evidenced by this reminder alarm on my phone this AM:

In all seriousness, I do wear pants on a casual basis with relative frequency. That is, if Leggings and stretchy skinny jeans really count as true “pants”. I mostly just don’t wear pants to work, like at all – expect for Casual Fridays (insert aforementioned stretchy jeans here). Trousers? Ugh, those pants are the worst.

The impetus to setting the above alarm was a request from my Chiropractor to “wear pants, please“, for my last adjustment prior to my half marathon. Guess its a bit awkward to stick my leg in the air in a dress. Or so he would have me believe.

So for the second time in the calendar year I wore pants (well, proper trousers) to work.

And it felt wrong all day.

Injury status 2.5 days pre Half Marathon? Broken, but hopefully on the mend. quickly



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2 responses to “Reminder: Wear Pants

  1. Kat

    I love your sense of humour!

  2. I totally loathe pants. We should start a club. xo Tara

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