Youngest Unmarried Daughter

Get the GuyFor some reason or another, my parents have always referred to me as their Youngest Unmarried Daughter – which has always seemed like an unnecessary specification, since until this coming September their Elder daughter was also unmarried.  While at the same time, I consider myself to have been blessed with parents that generally let me do my own thing, and haven’t been on a quest to marry me off ever since I hit puberty.

However, it appears as thought my Father is starting to get concerned about a possible life of Spinsterdom in my future.  Cue this morning, when I receive the following email from my father:

Hi Honey;

This morning on Canada AM, Beverley interviewed the author of this book:

Link to Get the Guy: Learn the Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man you Want and the Love you Deserve

I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but the guy interviewed well and seems to have some excellent ideas on how girls like you can catch the man of your dreams!  I was going to order this for you, but didn’t know if you’d prefer the hard/soft cover, or the Kindle edition, so I thought I’d ask?

You’re here this weekend, so I can buy the version you want then!

Trying not to be horrified – I reminded myself that he means well and this was coming from a good place.  Really trying not to focus on and hyper analyze the ‘Girls like you’ comment.  Keeping in mind as well that my Father believes that HE should receive a dowry when he marries off a daughter, so this is likely a wealth management tactic for him as well.  Regardless of how misguided, I requested the electronic version.

Will post update on new found love shortly, I’m sure.



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9 responses to “Youngest Unmarried Daughter

  1. holly

    and i quote: !!!!!!

    amazing – go DAD!

  2. OMG! Let me know if it’s any good!

  3. Kat

    Another amazing Papa Bear story! Are you going to find a cringe-worthy book for HIM to read?

  4. just bring home the biggest creep you can find and look really happy and tell him its all because of the book and THANK YOU DAD.

  5. That book has a pretty creepy cover!

    When my kitten was recovering from a (major) operation my dad bought me ‘100 Uses for a dead cat’, which was different.

    The last couple of months he’s been sending random cook books to my work address – He never warns me that they are coming so I always look confused when I get a package, my postroom think that I sleep-shop on Amazon !

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