Doctor’s Orders

Well I guess it’s more like Physio’s Order, RMT’s Orders and Chiro’s Orders. It boils down to the same thing though, I’ve been prescribed with a strict regime of no running for the immediate future. This is in thanks to a strain in my left Hip Flexor 😦

Not the best news when your first Half Marathon is five weeks away!

I decided to listen to their advice, at least for now. So I spent the long weekend doing simple mobility and gentle stretching exercises and icing a lot, hoping to speed up the recovery as much as possible. I added alternating cold and hot therapy this morning by lying on the ground with an ice pack for ten minutes then jumping in the hot tub for ten, rinse and repeat.


Not as much fun as it sounds. Especially since I was told by my Chiro not to dilly dally in the hot tub (he’s got me figured out eh?) and you have to end on cold therapy.

Here’s hoping I’m off running again (pun intended) this week – and not just because I’m ignoring professional advice!



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3 responses to “Doctor’s Orders

  1. Awww hunny!!! I hope it heals quickly!! Will you still run the half or are you thinking of cancelling?

  2. The foam rollers from pilates work wonders for helping muscles overcome inflammation!

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