Texts From Dad

My Dad is a hyper-communicator. He abuses phone and email like its his job. Texting, however, has generally seemed beyond him.

Actually, upon review, I’ve only ever received texts from him on three separate occasions – once in December 2011 with the simple request of Please Call, the second this New Year wishing me well and claiming he was in God’s Country (Lake Placid… Really? Didnt know it was Devine) and finally this gem:

Thanks for the “I’m on the train” update, presumably passed on because I had coordinated his ticket for him. More importantly though, the eloquently acronymmed WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU.

I think my response was appropriate – especially given I was, quite literally, in Miami, bitch.



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3 responses to “Texts From Dad

  1. Peggy

    My vote is he never gets to figure out texting

  2. Kat

    Your dad is awesome. I still remember the one you told me in Vegas about his comments to guys in your kitchen in the AM. Bring on more Papa Bear stories!!

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