You’ve Changed

Here I sit once again at Flaunt Boutique in Leslieville, looking like medusa while getting my hair dyed. It’s only been six months since I last had my mop tended to … Jesus.

Last summer was my first visit here and I was instantly thrilled to discover that the both offered wine at inappropriate hours and attempted not to judge me for accepting.

Today is a different story, while wine was still an option I chose a coffee instead – and it was delicious!

Who is this and what happened to Nancy? I know, right? Anywho, I just figured after putting myself to bed at an alarmingly wholesome (and shockingly sober) 10:30pm, rising shortly after the sun to crank out my 8k and having a healthy breakfast – wine just seemed ridiculous. To be fair I have 8 glorious days in the Caribbean aboard the Carnival Breeze on the horizon, turning down a single opportunity for a glass of wine is hardly worthy of sainthood.

New favourite part about this hair salon? There are currently three dogs here! Two little tykes that are ambling around and this pup tied to his owner’s chair
Flaunt Boutique, Canine approved.



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6 responses to “You’ve Changed

  1. Peggy

    Who is this girl?

  2. Sounds like going to get your hair done is quite a fun adventure. Coffee, biscotti, doggies…oh my! You must be getting excited about your cruise!!! When do you leave?

    • IMSOEXCITEDFORVACATION. We leave on Friday night 🙂

      Have three sessions booked (and one already completed!) this week with Temporary Replacement Sadist, going to Yoga tonight, need to run 9.5k on Wednesday night and 5k Friday morning. Should be ready!

      Oh, and pack, I guess.

  3. I get my hair done like every 6-8 weeks! Hahahahaha
    And I love that they have dogs in there! I approve! Hehehe

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