My Week with Penny

This past week I’ve had the joy and responsibility of being Auntie Nancy while puppysitting for my sister. Her beautiful little girl, Penny, and I have had a busy week visiting dog parks, the beach and going on a mini road trip to Collingwood!

The two of us are sharing a final cuddle on the couch while Sandy is en route to pick her up. It’s been a wonderful week, but I definitely remember why I only have a cat 🙂

A few shots from a blustery afternoon at Ashbridges Bay


And an evening stroll


This isn’t just a well timed shot – she lay like that for over an hour

This is proof that my “only eat treats on the floor” rule clearly didnt stick

Morning Love

Our final cuddle


I might have to start taking myself for walks 😉



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6 responses to “My Week with Penny

  1. Sandy

    She appears to be in post-aunt-nancy withdrawal:( thank you for being the absolute best aunt and sister xo

  2. Wowzers! These pics are awesome! Maybe you should start a dog sitting bid-nizz?

  3. Kat

    That last outdoor show is unbelievable. I was so enthralled by the lighting and the appealing running path that it took me a minute to even notice the CN Tower. The stretch picture has ‘playful puppy’ written all over it. The world would be a happier place with a weekly dose of puppy.

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