Time to Hit the Road

So I’ve signed up to run a Half Marathon on May 5th, 2013.


For those of you not currently obsessed with running –  a Half Marathon is 21.1 kilometres or 13.11 miles.  Which sounds scary, likely because it is scary.

I frequently find myself breaking up the distance into manageable chunks in my mind – because I’ve never run that far before and I’m finding it hard to really digest:

  • All summer/fall I ran to work in the mornings a few times a week, which is about 5k from my house to the gym – so I just have to run there, and then back, and then there and then back again.. and then around the block
  • The longest official race I have participated in was 8k – sweet so the Half is less than three times that
  • My longest run yet was 11.5k – so slap on an extra 10k and we’re there

So.. it still sounds like a very very long way.

As with most endeavors in my personal life, I have every inch of my training for this planned out – at least I think I do.

And obviously, there is a big vacation to contend with in the middle!

And obviously, there is a big vacation to contend with in the middle!

Not surprisingly either, prior to even starting my training my body is starting to revolt – which is ironic since I’ve been running less (both in terms of frequency and distance) recently than I did since starting running last year.

So as of February 11th, I’m on the road to my Half Marathon.  For those of you that have to deal with me in the real world: expect an increased amount of limping and general whingeyness – my apologies in advance.



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8 responses to “Time to Hit the Road

  1. Curious where you found that plan at? Did you make it yourself or find it online? Best of luck training! Hope it goes well.

    • It’s a mix of a lot if different plans actually! I spent some time looking at Hal Higdon plans, but I wanted to limit my running to 3x a week with the big focus on my long Saturday runs. I already see a personal trainer so that’s all the cross training I intend to do – except that I think yoga once a week for sanity was a wise addition 🙂

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

      • The plan looks good, but my one critique would be how do you know what’s enough and what’s not enough – especially for the hills, speed work, or any workout? Is 5 repeats enough? 10? Do you know what I mean? That would be the one thing a personalized coach would be able to help you with.

  2. You’re going to do so well!! I cried at the end of my first half-marathon… and then wobbled home very slowly…

  3. Kat

    I’m not sure what I admire more…your determination or your organization. Both are off the charts. Good luck nancyfrancis!! I’m rooting for you

    • My determination is in direct relation to how I’m feeling at any given second. Currently overfed And comatose = not determined. Fingers crossed for the right alignment of conditions day of!

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