Maybe I’m the Problem?

Its cold right now in Canada.  Really cold.

Ok, maybe it would be worse if I lived in Winnipeg, or frankly even Ottawa – but minus 25 with the windchill is cold in my books.

The thing that really gets me though is that last year, that blissful year when I got to miss out on Winter while working in Australia – it never really got cold in Toronto.  I even detailed my frustrations with the lackluster “summer” I was experiencing in Sydney whilst Torontonians were BBQ’ing in t-shirts in FEBRUARY in this post.  This year though? Time to break out the parkas!

weather gods

Now I get that every season every year has its differences – like the last two summers here were hotter than Hades (no complaints there, by the way).  I still have to wonder though, why does an epically bad summer befall Sydney when I’m there yet we have the first really cold winter out of the last handful of years upon my return?

Not convinced that I’m the problem yet? Consider this – after the wet and cool summer experienced in Sydney during my stay last year, Australia has been blasted with extreme heat this year.  So much so that they had to add new colours to their forecasting chart to identify temperatures in excess of 50 degrees.


Dear Residents of  Toronto: It may be in your best interest to ship me off to somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere every winter.  Despite the lackluster weather I’ll be the recipient of on my end, I’m still willing to take one for the proverbial team.


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