Scenes From the Road

I find myself currently on a train headed towards Ottawa – after a mere three nights home in my own bed. It was probably time for me to get on the move anyway, lest the voices catch up with me 😉

Seems like a good time to reminisce about my awesome Road Trip with two of my favourite ladies!

In lieu of long winded stories (who, me?), here is a glimpse of our trip as seen through my iPhone.

I’m a beer girl myself, but “Completely Drinkable” sounds like a pretty decent review for a $2.50 glass of vino.

Possibly the most molested my senses have ever felt while dining. These lights, accoutrements, and little Dino (see him?) were dangling perilously low throughout the little Indian joint where we dined in the East Village. The tables were so close together that while a fellow at a neighboring table was requesting to borrow my spoon while pointing at it, he accidentally put his hands all over it – it’s all yours buddy! Awesome food though, and totally worth it for the experience alone.

Ahh .. Here’s that Southern Charm we’ve been hearing all about!

$2 Tall Boys? Yes please. Ill also happily settle for the free drinks we received at the next two establishments. D and I have never had such a crazy night for only five bucks a piece! My mid-evening water chugging intermission was a stroke of genius.

Pretty much a matched pair, especially after the $2 beer and all the “on the house” we could handle.

Lunch on Tybee Island, Georgia consisted of insanely salty popcorn and heavily boozey slushies – there was even a sign cautioning the unexpected alcohol content.

Eating, sleeping and drinking – that pretty much sums it up – oh and driving, lots and lots of driving!!


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