Georgia on my Mind..

So.. Happy New Year!!

Nancy has been very quiet, because Nancy has been very busy!

After a jam packed holiday season with the fam I headed of on a road trip with two of my girls. We just spent 5 nights in NYC, including a wild NYE at a warehouse in Brooklyn (and various other establishments until well into New Years Day). We have recently arrived at our second chosen destination en route to Florida – Savannah, Georgia!


So far we can tell the town is gorgeous and will be an excellent stop for two or three nights! We are right near the river which is covered in cobblestone streets and neat old brick buildings like this:


Our hotel (okay.. Motel) will more than do the job, and came complete with a very southern lady at the front desk. I asked her what the one thing we should definitely do when visiting Savannah – her response?

CLUB (definitely had a long southern drawl involved)

Really? Ok so we are going to walk around town tomorrow, check out the Cemetery from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and maybe do a Ghost Tour.

But for tonight, we are safely checked into our new home and are off to investigate the possibility of $2 pints 🙂



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4 responses to “Georgia on my Mind..

  1. Kat

    Are you EVER home? 😉 I hear Savannah is amazing…post more pics! Your NYE sounded absolutely epic. I love that you didn’t hang out in Times Square but partied away at a warehouse in Brooklyn. Sounds hopelessly cool.

    • Haha.. well I don’t think the party really counted as ‘hopelessly cool’ – it was almost a rave, with disgusting bathrooms 🙂 The party we headed to afterwards in Manhatten was a bit better!

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit Savannah, sounds like you are having a blast.

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