Wow, Have Another.

While enjoying a night out with my friend Victory this weekend, we happened upon a party and participated in a few rounds of Balderdash. I normally love this game and was excited to scribble down one of the best definitions I have memorized.

Scribble doesn’t even cover it. Scribbling is still English.

I apparently completely lose hand eye coordination after a few (ok, More than a few) adult beverages. Not to say that my normal writing is much to (pun intended) write home about, but seriously. I appreciate that I at least made a few attempts to make it legible.

Fail. Not surprisingly this is the same evening that I woke up Tigger to let me in the house because I’d lost my keys – only to find them hanging around my neck. Oy.



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2 responses to “Wow, Have Another.

  1. Kat

    Was this the definition of a shitty blog?
    Oh, you always have the best stories to tell, keep em coming!

    • Haha yes, shitty blog 😉 I’m sure some spiked egg nog and 5 nights with my family will lead to some good material in the next week!

      I bet you’re holiday has some extra shimmer it it this year with that ROCK on your finger!

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