Canadian Texting

When traveling abroad as a Canadian I am always reminded of the things I say or do that are “very Canadian” like saying Eh all the time, pronouncing about like winter footwear (we do not say aboot!!) and being overly polite and hyper apologetic. This past week I received a text from a wrong number and totally experienced the whole “polite and apologetic Canadian” thing.

The text conversation, verbatim:

Stranger Danger: Caitlin, right?

Nancy: Hahaha no, sorry

Stranger Danger: ?

Nancy: Not Caitlin, sorry. Someone called me that last week in person as well. Twilight Zone

Stranger Danger: Haha no kidding. Thats funny.

Nancy: It is, but sorry not Caitlin

Stranger Danger: Yea, no worries. I messed up the number. Got it all sorted. Weird coincidence though.

Nancy: True indeed – and the chuckling was justified on my part. Good luck on your quest for Caitlin!

Stranger Danger: Haha thanks, much appreciated

Strangers phone number was a Vancouver area code, so I guess Canadians are pretty polite – or just desperate for conversation 🙂


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2 responses to “Canadian Texting

  1. Bwa ha ha…gave me a chuckle. 🙂
    I had a similar experience a few months ago when I received a text that was clearly meant for a close friend…it said something to the tune of, “Haha, you glorious b*tch”
    I was all like o.O
    And then I was all like, “Um, sorry, but I think you may have the wrong person”
    And they were all like, “Oh! So sorry!”
    And it was just all very funny for some reason. lol

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