Apparently You DO Make Friends with Salad

Friends, Stalkers – it’s all pretty relative, right?

Ok, so I mentioned the other day that the Manager a local Wendy’s knows my order off by heart and is possibly a little too familiar with me.  Well after a week of being a good girl and bringing my own lunches (and a company event that involved copious amounts of Corn Dogs), I found myself scurrying down to the food court today in search of a meal.  When inspiration didn’t instantly strike, I aimed for Wendy’s to pick up my trusty Baja Salad.

As soon as I got to the front of the line and the Manager saw me he flashed me a big smile and said “Hey friend! I saw you this weekend at King & Niagara!“.

Me “___”, “______”, “_________”, “Uhh… Yup I was visiting a friend.

Manager “It was about 9:30 on Saturday night – I tried to call out to you but you were talking to someone else

The conversation carried on for a minute, with him asking me if I lived in that area and other such details I normally don’t share with strangers.  I kept wondering how he would have tried to get my attention since he clearly doesn’t know my name (nor do I know his, and in all fairness I’ve tried to subtly read his name tag a few times to no avail) – did he just yell out Hey Friend!? Regardless, I don’t remember anyone hollering at me when I arrived in the neighbourhood or as my friend and I were scurrying off for a late dinner a short while later.

Is this just a small world situation, or am I being stalked? Stalked by the guy that gives me a full size Chili with my half-size Baja Salad simply because I don’t want the dressing or the chips it normally comes with.  Most pathetic stalking ever, if that’s the case!

My journey around King & Niagara between 9-10pm. Green = Exit Streetcar and enter friend’s Condo. Red = Leave friend’s Condo and head for dinner.



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2 responses to “Apparently You DO Make Friends with Salad

  1. I love that you are besties with the manager at Wendy’s. I love baja salads, they are a staple for me when I am travelling! I will take your dressing and chips…I mean no I won’t…

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