You Don’t Make Friends With Salad

Ok.  So I’m totally an epic example of a creature of habit.  I’m highly scheduled, completely predictable and at my best when I know what to expect (well by best I probably mean most calm – ‘besting’ at Nancy involves more variables than consistency alone).  Not surprisingly, I have a tendency to order the exact same thing at specific restaurants.  I figure, if I already know I like it, why risk it on something different – which is a bit ironic since I love so many different kinds of food. I digress.

Typically, my office building food court doesn’t provide a plethora of healthy options (or at least healthy options that appeal to me) so I try to avoid relying on it for lunch food.  When I do end up in the food court, one of my go to options is the Baja Salad from Wendy’s. I know, I know – doesn’t sound that healthy right? And to be honest, I could do better, but in terms of a quick lunch it’s not that bad.  The Salad is served with Guacamole, Chili, Tortilla Chips, Dressing and – my favourite – Hot Sauce.  Personally I have always found that the Chili and Hot Sauce provide more than enough to the meal, that I always ask not to have the chips dressing – which also helps improve the nutritional content slightly.  Somehow over the years, a Manager at this particular location has begun to recognize me, even saying hello at a different location I once went to on a weekend.  He also seems to understand that I’m really more interested in the hot sauce than the salad itself, and gives me a heaping pile of the little golden packages without me ever having to remind him.

Being a known customer at a Fast Food joint isn’t exactly a highlight for me – but the Manager is always so friendly that I just go with it and make sure to wave even if I’m just passing by.  I went down for my usual lunch on Monday, and as he was cheerily filling my order and joking about the quantity of hot sauce I consume (apparently, this banter doesn’t get old) he looked up at me and smiled and said “You’ve lost weight! Excellent!” I smiled, nodded vigorously, grabbed my lunch and bolted.

Is it wrong that I was slightly horrified?  And I’m not really sure why – was it because I eat at a Wendy’s often enough for an employee to notice a personal change, or was it because a veritable stranger chose to comment on my weight?  I’ll just take it as a compliment and move on – and maybe start packing my lunch more often 🙂

Nom Nom Nom



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2 responses to “You Don’t Make Friends With Salad

  1. Kat

    I admit I’ve found myself in the same catch 22 as your server. When you see someone you recognize but don’t really know, and they’ve lost weight it’s an elephant in the room. Do you comment on it and give them that positive feedback? Or is it drawing attention to the fact that even virtual strangers noticed they used to look different? Is it just the right of close friends and family to comment? So many questions.

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