Wardrobe Malfunction 2.0

While not as near-tragic as my button pop incident in Fremantle, Western Australia – today’s Wardrobe Malfunction was no less irritating.

My day was carrying along smoothly, when I felt a familiar tickle run down my leg – WTF? For seemingly no reason while minding my own business and sitting at my desk a GIGANTIC run took over the right leg of my stockings.  My black stockings.

In the interest of not looking like I just returned from a rough night out while I was at the office, I opted for ditching my stockings in the bathroom and going for the awkward white legs in late October look instead. The things we do for fashion 🙂

Not Obvious, right?


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One response to “Wardrobe Malfunction 2.0

  1. HAHAHA – this is hilarious and I love it. The things we do for fashion… le sigh!

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