Live! with Nancy Francis – The Audition

First of all, I apologize for the apparent cliffhanger – Thanksgiving got the best of me and I pretty much disavowed myself from the internets for several days ūüôā

In brief, I think the Audition went well – but I also think that highlighter yellow skinny jeans are a good idea.

I spent the few hours before the Producer (Ok, I think she is actually a Casting Director, but Producer is just easier to say) arrived hanging out with my friend Victory, eating lunch and having my makeup done.  Victory is definitely heading in the right direction by choosing Makeup Artistry as her career, I thought I looked amazing Рbut not like I was wearing much makeup.  Score.

The Producer arrived on schedule in a fashionable outfit of bright blue jeans, a striped top, a killer black blazer and trendy red lips and got right to setting up her gear. ¬†I had a few release forms to sign (totally didn’t read them) and was given a few instructions:

  • Don’t look at the camera, look at her
  • Try to incorporate the question in my answer, as the question asking will be edited out
  • I can restart an answer, or change an answer, at any time

She fired up the camera and we got to it.  The questions were mostly the ones I had answered in the application, and that we had already reviewed on the phone (poor thing must be sick of my stories by now!), along with a few new ones.  Oddly enough, the ones that tripped me up the most were likely not planned to be difficult:

  • What is the Sweetest or most Romantic thing a guy has ever done for you?¬†Uhh.. Buy me flowers? (Oops, that was my Dad) Make me dinner? Remember my name? WTF – I guess I haven’t had a whole lot of Romance in my life, that needs to be fixed!
  • What is the Wildest thing you have ever done?¬†Umm. ¬†I can’t think of anything I’ve done that classifies as ‘wild’. ¬†I must be the most boring person alive. ¬†I went with moving to Whistler, sight unseen, when I was 18. ¬†Crazy girl over here, watch out.
  • What is your ideal guy like? Okay, I definitely said a ‘Dude’… and then expanded by saying someone that likes Sports, Fixing Cars and Drinking Beer. ¬†Oh, and Tall, Dark and Handsome of course.

I managed to squeak my way through the interview without saying anything horrifying РI hope.  The next step was to give a tour of the house, which felt very much like an episode of MTV Cribs.  I even had to show what was inside the fridge!  The best part was going through my closet and getting to show off some of my favourite outfits and my glorious shoe collection!

The final step was recording some ‘B roll’ material, whatever that means. ¬†Mostly it was embarrassing stuff like flipping my hair, spinning around, and answering the door by saying “Hi I’m Nancy, Come Date with Me!” Cringe. ¬†The Producer commented that she already had lots of good material, as without prompting I have the tendency to put thing like novelty halloween headbands on my head and bounce around and my myself look like an idiot. ¬†B roll, I own that shit.

So now I just have to wait it out – I’m in or I’m out, it is out of my hands! I may have to move to another country and change my name if I ever make it on air though, because I’m pretty sure they plan to cast me as Crazy Cat Lady with a strange fear of cheese.

I’m Ready for my Close Up!



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