Live! with Nancy Francis – The Prep Work

Now that the cat is out of the bag and we all know I will be auditioning, on camera for Come Date with Me Canada – Tomorrow – lets discuss preparing for such an event. Nancy never shies away from on opportunity to prepare, plan and schedule!

The House

First and foremost, I got the ‘all clear’ from the roommates. Not only would this opportunity mean having strangers in our home, it would also mean that – if selected – all of my roommates (remember, there is an absolute hoard of us) would be banished from the house on filming day. Thankfully, they are all too eager to see me make an ass of myself on National Television and were only too happy to oblige. Unfortunately, I don’t have the grounds to kick them on for the filming of the interview so at least one roommate will be witnessing my epic failure.

The Lair of Nancy

While my room and closet (which is totally its own room) are mostly kept in orderly fashion, there have been a few irritating areas of clutter that have been bugging me since I neglected to deal with them while unpacking last summer. The sheer volume of stuff I have accumulated (mostly clothes and shoes, lets be honest) is an organizational nightmare to begin with. Every square inch of my three dressers is claimed, along with the more than six feet of hanging space and subsequent storage areas both above and below in the closet. In short, no matter how organized I am, it is still going to appear a bit messy – but I planned to at least make an effort.

As my Papa Bear was in town this week, I put him to work installing a glass shelf in my bedroom that had been leaning against a wall since we moved in. Success! One new shelf to spread out my ‘dustables’ (read: Pictures and nicknacks). Although, it did take him almost three hours thanks to the beer breaks he claimed were mandatory. One shelf + four screws = mandatory beer break. Regardless, my new shelf, some tidying up and a generous offering to Goodwill has everything in order!

Ya, This is actually a huge improvement. And Yes, that’s a kettle bell holding down the Cat Post – I promise I actually use the ones at the gym!

As far as the closet goes, I wasn’t willing to start tossing clothes or shoes, so I really only had the upper third to deal with – the shelf above the hangers. Mostly this space just required some tidying and another generous box of ‘stuff’ to Goodwill. Pretty much maintains a ‘no vacancy’ appeal but, trust me, this is an improvement.

I officially have too much stuff.

Casa Nancy is ready for the spotlight!

The Outfit + Date Outfits

Not only do I have to find a satisfactory way to present myself through my chosen outfit for the interview itself, they will also apparently be taking ‘a look at your date wardrobe.

Now, I imagine that some people use the interview as an opportunity to totally glam up or don a hilarious costume, or would litter their ‘date wardrobe’ with these types of items. However, I think I’m going to avoid that particular strategy. While I have a fondness for costumes and all things dress up – I think that if I portray myself that way, then I would be expected to do the same on the show. My strategy instead will be to dress as Nancy as possible and pepper my sample wardrobe with a similar vibe.

Jillian and I discussed my outfit today and I’m fairly confident I’m going with the shiny black American Apparel leggings, neon orange tank, and my snow leopard blazer. That’s right, Snow Leopard Blazer. At least I’m not wearing the matching pants because, yes, I have those too.


The Face

Thanks to my spit polished house, tidied living space and winning personality (bah!), this TV gig should totally be in the bag, right? I could pretend I’m that confident, but I’m not. Also, I think its safe to say that while the on camera interview serves to weed out the non-camera friendly weirdos, a big purpose will obvious entail seeing if I look like wart-nosed humpback on the screen. Thankfully, I lack these types of deal breaking features (no offense to the wart-nosed and humpbacked of the world), but that certainly doesn’t mean that my mug will carry well on the small screen either.

In order to put my best face forward (ha!) I have enlisted the help of my friend Victory, who is starting her career in Makeup Artistry in the near future. Hopefully she will be able to work her magic such that I come off gorgeous, confident, possibly taller, twenty pounds lighter, and maybe Parisian? Or at the very least, help to keep the inevitable full face, neck and chest blushing at bay!

The Nancy

There really isn’t much else to do either than show up on time and try not to be a spaz. I have a session with the Irish Sadist in the morning, a million things to do at work, and then my Boss Lady is letting me duck out a bit early so that I can prep – and panic.

Wish me Luck!



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6 responses to “Live! with Nancy Francis – The Prep Work

  1. Hey NancyFrancis! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! That’s so cool that we’ll be running a few of the same races! Good luck to you! How did you find my blog? I’m so interested!! 🙂 Good luck with the TV show BTW – I will totally tune in!!!

    • nancyfrancis

      Hey! I’m pretty sure I found your blog through some sort of link chain starting at Me Plus My Trainer.. I think 🙂 Love to read fitness blogs from fellow Canadians!

  2. Kat

    OMG I’m so excited/nervous for you. What a cliffhanger of a post! I totally assumed reality shows provided wardrobe, hair and makeup. Guess not! Good choice of outfit though, in my opinion!! Also, may I just say…it’s totally cathartic for me to read about other people’s organizing projects. I LOVE all the prints I spot in your closet! OK, I think that’s enough exclamation marks for one comment. Maybe one more…GOOD LUCK!

    • Haha sorry to leave you hanging there Kat – I’ll try to post about the audition tonight 🙂 No news as to whether I’m on a show yet or not – so nothing earth shattering yet!
      I definitely have a thing for patterns that is not easy to hide in my closet! I’m not actually sure yet if they do hair or makeup if you’re on the actual show – but they definitely seem to have you in your own wardrobe. I loved having my friend do my makeup, made me feel extra confident!

  3. It has been faaaaar too long since I stopped by your blog to have a read and when I do…you are up to all sorts of crazy things! By now, your audtion is finished…how did it go?? I am sure you were fabulous!
    I hope the Irish Sadist is treating you well! xo

    • Haha – Ya a bit of U turn with Blog material since your last visit 🙂 Just posted about the Audition!
      Things with the Sadist are going really well – I’m thrilled with my progress! I actually just ran my first 10k tonight!

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