Am I Interrupting?

I was busy going about some chores last night, no doubt providing Prince William with an unsatisfactory amount of attention. I finished doing some laundry and then went to make my bed. I honestly don’t think I realized he was in the room – but after putting on two corners of my fitted sheet and walking around the foot of my bed to finish the job, this happened:


In the two seconds I wasn’t looking, he’d pounced onto the bed and was already wriggling around on his back – likely in his best attempt to reapply cat hair to every corner of my sleeping space.

I particularly enjoy the reticent gaze he’s throwing off – I think he’s just trying to hide a grin.



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3 responses to “Am I Interrupting?

  1. So cute! Whenever I make my bed my dog decides at that very moment that she wants on and doesn’t want to get off.

    • Its so funny! And of course I take him off the bed just long enough to get the fitted sheet on and then give up, and end up making the rest of the bed on top of him – and he takes an hour to find his way out. Love watching the little lump move around under the sheets 🙂

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