Safe to Assume: It’s All Downhill From Here

Woke up bright and early on this beautiful fall morning, made a delicious smoothie (Tigger may disagree due to the Peanut butter inclusion) and jumped into some gym clothes. Tigger and I then proceeded to be “those people” jogging by hungover groups brunching while we covered the 5k to a downtown gym.

While it was one of my worst runs of recent memory, it definitely highlighted that the yoga class we were about to attend was a seriously needed endeavor. We spend the next 75 minutes stretching (and groaning, grunting and whimpering) our bodies and enjoying a zen like savasana – well zen until some guy started dropping dumbells like it was a new fitness craze. Regardless, we left the class in great spirits, gulped some water and stopped off at Starbucks to refuel.

Safely back at home, I’m enjoying lunch – which includes a piece of chicken, broccoli salad (thanks to This Awesome Blog!) and a much needed protein shake.


Being that we are off to the second annual Oktoberfest at Steam Whistle in a few hours, I’m glad I had a chance to squeeze some positive influences into my weekend.

Now bring on Beer by the Litre, Pretzels with mustard, Delicious Bratwurst and many, many bad decisions.

I love weekends


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