The World is Shrinking

The Francis Clan went out for dinner this evening to one of our favourite spots in the East End, the Riverside Public House. There is no denying we’re a chatty bunch, and can be an interesting table of patrons – to put it lightly – and this evening was no different than usual.

While we were busy chatting our server’s ear off and distracting her from her job, she heard my Mother mention that she and my Father don’t usually live in the city. She then asked where they usually reside, and when we responded with Small Town, Ontario her eyes went wide and she excitedly informed us that was her home town. A few local comments were made and I mentioned my parents street, and she asked me to repeat myself – yup, same street her parents live on.

While everyone was trying to sort out if we knew each others houses (likely, Small town on a dirt side road) I asked if her family happened to have dogs as I see so many canine friends when I jog on that street. She described her dogs and I quickly scrolled through the photos on my phone and showed her this:

Poor photo quality due to me panting from running, and dog completely uninterested in portrait session.

That would be her dog, Bandit. I happened to take the photo because he looked so much like our friends dog Willow.

So in a city if three million, our server’s parents house is on the same street as our family home in a town three hours away and I just happen to have a photo of her pet Bandit, on my phone.

Mind Blown.



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3 responses to “The World is Shrinking

  1. The universe sure has a way, doesn’t she? 🙂

  2. Kat

    You live in a world of amazingness. Reading this post, I was thinking there should be a blog where people can submit stories of incredible coincidences like this. Just, wow

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