Beautiful British Columbia

This past week I journeyed back to British Columbia for a week to vacation a bit and then stand in my friend’s wedding.  My friends and I landed in Vancouver and almost instantly headed up the coast and inland to Whistler to see the sights and do some hiking.  I lived in Whistler for a short period prior to University and always enjoy going back, but it was a special treat to be in the car with people that hadn’t even been to BC before – the mountains truly are breathtaking.  On our drive towards Whistler we stopped at both Shannon and Brandywine falls, as well as lookout over the mountains.  We then sat in the the gorgeous sun for the afternoon, enjoying pints and the excellent pool deck at our hotel.  Thankfully we had a restful night as what was intended to be an easy 5k hike turned out to be almost double, but it was worth every minute – even though my butt hurt for a solid three days afterwards!

Did I mention that we enjoyed 5 straight days of cloudless blue skies and unbelievable sunshine?

Some photos!

Brandywine Falls

Whistler Peak – Beginning of Half Note Trail (approx. half of the High Note)

Hoary Marmot!! These critters were super curious about us 🙂

Easiest part of the Hike – no steep up or down here 🙂

Finished the Hike, on the way back down the Peak chair. Weird to be on a chairlift without skis!



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