It’s Alive!

I sprang out of bed this morning acutely aware that I had slept in. You know that feeling, you don’t even need to look at the clock, you just know. As I lunged towards the bathroom I spotted the clock, 7:10am – I normally get up at 6:30 and need to leave the house by 7:23. If I was going to make it to my session with The Sadist in time, this was going to be a serious rush.

I flew back into my room, took off my nightgown and tossed it on my bed then grabbed the gym clothes I had set out for myself (score!) and flung them on the bed as well. I went to grab for my clothes to start getting ready and the panic set in – the whole pile was moving!!!

Prince William.

Fear turns to laughter as I see his annoyed head poke out from under my sports bra.

I guess in my warp speed exit from slumber I managed not to wake him, or take notice of his presence at the foot of my bed. Next time I’m late I’ll be more careful not to disturb his peace.

Photo taken after I stopped laughing – he was originally curled up half under the orange flower to the right (likely the result of the duvet landing on him in my flurry as well) – irritated look clearly still in tact though:


Update: on the bus at Broadview and it’s already 7:41 – this is going to be a close one!



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