It Can’t Be True

I’m turning 30.  Seriously. Like, actually.  On Sunday. The panic is setting in.

I may look my age, but I don’t think I really act it half of the time.  Case in point: Photos on my iPhone.  I recently reviewed the photos I’ve taken over the last year and am convinced that if a stranger did they same thing they would come to two conclusions:

1. I’m a crazy Cat Lady.  There are far, FAR too many photos of little Prince William on my phone.  Its not my fault he is photogenic and does adorable things ALL of the time.

2. I’m probably in my teens.

While sticking to the mantra that Growing old is mandatory, Growing up is Optional – here is a sampling of the silliness I found in my phone.

Michael’s Backdoor

Funny and inappropriate on its own – then add the fact that I dined at this establishment after a recent funeral.

Tilley’s Birthday

Who doesn’t celebrate a dogs 14th birthday with Apple Pie, Singing, and Birthday Hats?

Settling the Cheque

Are you telling me that Jack Astor’s won’t accept Tim Cards, Starbucks Cards, Plum Rewards cards, Business Cards, a Coupon to a different Restaurant or Euros as payment? Ok, maybe the Euros.


After Tigger lived out one of Ellen Degeneres’ best jokes by actually finding AND purchasing Baked Beans, Douche and a Lawn Chair at Wal Mart – I decided to sit in the car and watch him and Victory struggle to fit the Lawn Chair in the trunk.  Instead of, you know, helping

Jizz Fashions

Actual Store.  In Sydney underground, near Town Hall station.

I rest my case.



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4 responses to “It Can’t Be True

  1. Kat

    These, to me, are signs of a life well-lived! Jizz, omg, how did I miss that?? I always wondered what LGTB-friendly Sydney thought of Gaytime ice cream bars. Slogan: ‘You can’t have a Gaytime by yourself’.

  2. Cocolicquot

    You. Are. A. Spring Chicken.

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